Top 10 Places to Visit Near Bangalore

The happening city of Bangalore stands amidst the Southern state of Karnataka and is proudly known for its high tech hub and the perennial lovely weather. The location of the city makes it one of the most liveable cities in the country. Not only is the city famous for its bustling night life but also for the intriguing places that surround Bangalore.

We bring for you the Top 10 places to visit near Bangalore, for which you will thank us for later.

Nandi Hills - A Heady Mix of Nature, History and Adventure

Nandi Hills aka Nandi Durga is an ideal weekend spot as it has something interesting to offer to every visitor –History, Nature or Adventure- you can take your pick. Sitting at an altitude of approx 4800 feet, Nandi Hills boasts of a pleasant weather and lush greenery throughout the year. The gushing waterfalls, rivers, lofty mountain peaks and cool breeze lend a leisurely and laid back feel to the place. To soak in the beauty of the place do catch the sunrise in its golden hues on top of the enchanting Hills.

Historically, Nandi Hills is famous for being an Ancient Hill Fortress that houses ancient temples of Lord Shiva. It was also favourite summer retreat of the warrior Mughal King Tipu Sultan as he often visited this hill station. Further, a host of Adventure activities like para sailing and trekking are also available for adventure junkies.

Distance from Bangalore – 60 kms

Dodda Alada Mara.- Witness the Legacy of 4 Centuries

Imagine getting to see a 400 year old majestic Banyan tree spread with its giant paws spread across 3 acres of land. It’s almost unimaginable. Situated in Ramohalli village and Standing tall with 4 centuries of heritage, this tree is a sight to behold. The place is a quick drive from Bangalore and maintained as a clean picnic spot with several benches, washrooms and nearby food restaurants.

Distance from Bangalore – 27 kms

Ramnagar – Visit the Nostalgia of ‘Sholay’

Drive down to Ramanagara to indulge yourself in a weekend filled with exciting variety of adventure sports. Beginning from rock climbing, chimney climbing to trekking, rappelling, camping, kayaking etc, Ramanagara offers everything that it takes to set your adrenaline rushing, you just need to take your pick. It’s a treat for Bollywood lovers as the unforgettable and iconic Sholay was shot in the rocky terrains of Ramanagara. A guided tour through vineyard of Ramanagara is not something worth missing. Witnessing the process of the finest grapes being transformed into choicest of wines together with offerings to savour the taste of is pure bliss.

Distance from Bangalore: 55km

Savandurga Hill – Get Wowed by the Largest Monolith Hill in Asia

Savandurga Hills is the ideal day long escape into the lap of stunning nature and exciting adventure. It is a huge monolith hill with black and white hills that stand at a height of 1,226 metres above the sea level forming a part of the Deccan Plateau. The hilly terrain is particularly known as a trekker’s delight. Savandurga houses a state forest, extending amazing views of reservoirs and rivers while trekking up to the top. With two ancient temples built in the 13th century namely Veerabhadraswamy and Sree Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy temple, the place is highly revered by the devotees.

Distance from Bangalore: 48 kilometers

Wonderla Bangalore – Magical Shows and Fun Rides Await You

If you are looking for some fun and games to unwind, Wonderla amusement park is the answer for you. Wonderla is among the largest amusement parks of India and there isn’t a single ride, magical show or fountain that you would like to miss. It’s so exciting and refreshing as you get on top of that water slide and come down swishing and swashing enjoying every bit of the splashing water when you fall in the pool. Wonderla offers mystical virtual reality shows that transport you into 3D world of fascinating visual adventures. Indoor Musical fountains with laser lights are a delightful treat to the eyes and the ears as a bright mix of colors greet you dancing playfully to create a stunning sight.

Distance from Bangalore: 33 kilometers

Bannerghatta National Park – Explore the Wildlife Safari

For all the wildlife and animal lovers, a trip to Bannerghatta sanctuary is a must. Exploring 105 sq. km of flora and fauna with vast number of enclosures can be exciting.

The park boasts of the country's first butterfly park along with a museum conservatory and an audiovisual room. It houses different species of butterflies and has created conducive habitat for the butterflies to grow and multiply. Besides Zoo and aquariums, it also has a vast Elephant Sanctuary spread across 122 acres where you can see elephants sauntering freely. There are widespread thick forests inside with clearly marked zones with all animal sightings. There are also reptile parks with crocodiles and snakes. The best parts are the confines of lions and royal tigers. Jeep and Bus safaris take you around, between 10 am-4:30 pm and you are most likely to spot either a lion or a tiger out on their leisurely stroll.

Distance from Bangalore: 23- 35 kilometers

Kanakpura- Nature Meets Adventure

Previously known as Kaankaanhalli", Kanakpura is located on the shores of River Arkavathi. Perched in the middle of spanking greens, dense forests, gurgling Waterfalls, tinkling streams, expansive parks and ancient temples, Kanakpura epitomises nature’s beauty and is home to some best Adventure Camps. A variety of wildlife species like bears, deer, and unique birds are residents to Kanakpura. If exploring caves, trekking, bird watching, hiking around nature fountains and bamboo forests is your thing then go for the various Nature Camps. Kanakpura’s silk has been making waves and makes shopping as you can buy the finest silk in the country here.

Distance from Bangalore: 63 km

Bheemeshwari: A Photographers’ Delight

With its thick foliage and jungles, picturesque locales, abundant flora and fauna, Bheemeshwari has all the requisites for clicking picture perfect moments. Staying in huts, lodges and the jungle resorts at a stone throw from Cauvery River and right in the middle of splendid hilltops, is unforgettably exciting. If you want more, then a range of activities like river rafting, boating, trekking, zip lining, rope-walking and angling await you.

Distance from Bangalore: 105 km

Hogenakkal – Our Very Own Niagra Falls

This mighty fall is proudly considered as India’s own Niagra Falls. Hogenakkal is a quaint little village in Tamil Nadu where you can relax and rejuvenate your tired self far from the maddening crowds of city. It’s primarily known for this glorious, larger than life waterfall. River Cauvery splits into collective streams to give birth to this awe inspiring waterfall. To experience the joy of going inside the fall through boating is best immediately after Monsoons.

Distance from Bangalore: 126 km

Kolar: Religion Meets History

This humble town was previously popular for its gold mines. In heart of cities we hardly get to see ancient temples so it’s worth driving down to Kolar which is presently a famous tourist spot due to the spate of ancient temples it houses. Those with a religious streak and looking to connect with history, heritage and religion, all at once can visit Someshwara, Kolaramma and Anthargange temples.

Distance from Bangalore: 80 km

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