Tirthan Valley : Best Places to Visit

Tirthan Valley has a lot to offer to its visitors as most of the destinations of the Himalayan region have. So, if you are planning your trip for this beautiful destination ensure that you have sufficient time, so you will not miss amazing things to do in Tirthan Valley for a perfect vacation. The natural beauty and peace of this amazing destination attract tourists throughout the year. Before we proceed to explore the best places to visit in Tirthan Valley, let’s discuss why you should visit Tirthan valley.

Why Should you Visit Tirthan Valley for a Wonderful Holiday Post-Pandemic?

Of course, this is a valid question that must trigger in your mind when there are many beautiful hill stations in the Himalayan region, why choose Tirthan Valley? No doubt this valley has immeasurable beauty & charm but so are many other hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, but most of them are crowded, like Manali, Shimla, Kullu, Mussoorie. Therefore after the covid epidemic, it would not be good to visit these crowded places with family or even for a solo trip. Tirthan Valley is an offbeat destination & slightly remote that’s why its beauty is untouched by many tourists. 

Even though this place is remote, it is well connected to major towns & cities, so people can easily reach here and explore its beauty. Especially from Delhi, you can reach this beautiful hill station by road, you can take a bus, cab or drive your own car. If you are traveling from other cities of India, then you can take flights to Delhi and from there can drive to Tirthan Valley.

Best Time to Visit Tirthan Valley

To visit Tirthan Valley there is no specific season because, throughout the year, Tirthan Valley offers many things to do except for the monsoon. Each season brings something special for its tourists like amazing activities to enjoy their trip. You can explore beautiful places of Tirthan Valley throughout the year except for monsoon because in monsoon heavy rain can spoil your trip.

Best Places to Visit in Tirthan Valley

So, when we have just overcome from Covid pandemic and started living a normal life, we must take precautions. So, instead of visiting Manali or Shimla which would be crowded, you can explore beautiful places of Tirthan Valley. The amazing places you must visit at Tirthan Valley are listed below.

1. Great Himalayan National Park

Established in 1984, the Great Himalayan National Park is formed by four valleys of Tirthan, Sainj, Jiwa Nal, and Parvati region, which is now listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. This park is spread over a 754 square area and has an altitude of 1500-6000 meters. There are 375 species of fauna, 181 species of birds, and 31 species of mammals in this park. 

Inside the park, there are many villages which you can explore to experience their local culture. If you are a nature lover, photographer, or adventure freak, you can enjoy wildlife, bird watching, camping, trekking, and photography on your trip to the Great Himalayan National Park.

2. Sai Ropa

Sai Ropa is situated in between Banjar & Gushaini, which is also the entry point for Great Himalayan National Park. This is the entry palace for the GHNP trek, where you will get your tickets & permits. So, for visiting Great Himalayan National Park, Sai Ropa is the first place where you will have to visit in Tirthan Valley. There is a Forest Reserve House here where you can stay comfortably but you need an advance booking for that because it would be difficult to find a place to stay here. 

3. Seruvalsar Lake

The clear & still water of Seruvalar lake attracts many tourists that are situated in the middle of the jungle. Due to its natural and serene beauty, people just walk all the way as there is no motorable road to reach Seruvalasar lake. From Jalori Pass, this lake is 5 kilometers away. It is believed that the water of this lake has medicinal properties that make it mystical. At the right side of this lake, there is a temple of Buddhi Nagin that is called the goddess of snakes, ghee, and mother of nag deities. During the summer season, you can enjoy camping, hiking, and trekking here. 

4. Jalori Pass

Situated at an altitude of 10,800 feet, Jalori pass is one of the most beautiful places in Tirthan valley where you can enjoy trekking. Kullu district is connected via Shimla district via Jalori pass and is 5 kilometers far from Shoja. During winters, the Jalori pass remains closed because it is too narrow, anyhow those who love adventure can have fun at this pass and explore an amazing moment. For panoramic views of PriPanjal, Kinnaur, and Dhaulandhars region you must visit here. This Pass has a motorable road so you can explore Jalori pass via road or trekking throughout the way on the top. Seruvalsar lake and Buddhi Nagin temple are near around this pass, so you can also visit these all places on a one-day trip. 

5. Chehni Kothi

Chehni Kothi is a small village, popular for its huge tower-like traditional architecture structure that was built in the 17th century. It was a 7 tiered tower but due to an earthquake in 1905, its top two towers fell off and it got damaged. You can visit its 5 towers that are the prime attractions of Tirthan Valley. This place is 3 KM far from Banjar, to reach here you will have to drop your vehicle on the road near the Shringa Rishi temple and then go for the trail of 3 KM to Chehni Kothi. Only locals of Chehni Kothi are allowed to enter the fort. You can enjoy hiking at Chehni Kothi from the Shringa Rishi temple. 

 6. Raghupur Fort

Raghupur Fort is situated 3 KM far from Jalori Pass, which you can reach by walking within 1 hour. For trekking, Raghupur fort is one of the best places in Tirthan Valley, where you can explore a pleasing environment surrounded by lovely forests & majestic views of mountains. If you are going to visit Tirthan Valley, it would be better if you carry your own camping gear, so you can enjoy a night's stay at a tent, especially near Raghupur fort, which has completely turned into ruin now. 

7. Gushaini Village

Situated at the bank or river Tirthan, Gushaini village is one of the most beautiful and charming places of Tirthan valley, where you must visit post-epidemic. This small village is a gateway for trekking that also includes the Great Himalayan National Park. During trekking, you will witness green vistas, apricots, apples, pears, etc fruits. The peace and charm of this village will make you feel refreshed after staying a long time behind the locked doors during a pandemic. Bird watching, hiking, river crossing, campaigning, and many more activities you can enjoy at this place. 

8. Explore Sainj Valley

Located 45 km far from the Kullu district, Sainj Valley is a beautiful wonderland that is among the least heard of by tourists in Himachal Pradesh. Least heard means less crowd with the charming environment would be the perfect place to visit post-epidemic. Sainj Valley is situated at the altitude of 1200m, where you can find amazing places for sightseeing like Shagarh, Dehruli, Panihar, and so on. Here you can also find a comfortable homestay for couples, family, or friends, so you can rest after spending a perfect tour at Sainj Valley, which is still an offbeat destination near Tirthan Valley. So, do not forget to explore this beautiful place for a memorable trip. 

9. Shringa Rishi Temple 

Situated in Banjar Valley, the Shringa Rishi temple is dedicated to Rishi Shringa, the ruling deity of this place. This temple is constructed on the same trail as Chehni Koth, so you can also visit it here during trekking at Chehni Kothi. Shringa Rishi Temple is a three-tiered temple that creates an amazing view of the valley. Inside this temple, you will find the entire temple is made of wood, and deities are kept on the top floor of the temple. If you do not want to climb stairs at Shringa Rishi temple then there is a narrow road, you can try that way to reach this temple and worship here. 

10. Jibhi

Located at 12km far from Jalori pass & 8km from Banjar, Jibhi is a small village of Tirthan Valley. Surrounded by the lush greenery of vegetations and dense pine forests, this village is popular for its Victorian-style wooden cottages where tourists stay for the night. After spending an amazing day trekking, hiking, and bird watching at Tirthan Valley after the covid pandemic, staying at a wooden cottage will refresh your soul.

11. Chhoie Waterfalls

Tirthan Valley is home to various falls, in which Chhoie waterfall is one of the popular ones. The majestic view of the Chhoie waterfall attracts tourists which you must see during your Tirthan Valley trip. To explore this waterfall, you will have to start hiking from Buddi Nagin temple which is 45 minutes hike. To be the witness majestic views of this beautiful waterfall you will have to start your trail from the starting point. The freezing cold water of this waterfall will give you an awesome feeling where you can take various snaps. If you are planning your trip to Tirthan Valley during this summer, then you should not miss taking shower at Chhoie falls.

12. Parashar Lake

Situated at 3.5 hours away from beautiful Tirthan Valley, Prashar lake is a secluded lake by Prashar temple. Prashar temple was built in the 14th century as a dedication to Rishi Prashar who used to meditate at this place. Built-in pagoda style, Prashar temple has several fascinating tales to share, you can learn from locals. This lake is accessible via road, so you can drive directly from Tirthan valley to this lake without any trouble by car. You can also go for a day trek to this Prashar lake 

Things To Do at Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley has a lot of things to do for nature lovers, adventure freaks, and peace seekers, you can enjoy an amazing holiday at Tirthan away from the crowd at peace. Bird watching, trekking, hiking, nature photography, camping, and much more things you can enjoy at this beautiful valley. If you are a student or researcher, you can observe the varied range of flora & fauna over here.

Himachal Pradesh is popular for its amazing and charming beauty, therefore millions of tourists visit every year to spend their vacations. For the last 2 years, the travel industry has faced drastic changes and now people are looking for offbeat destinations to enjoy their holidays. Tirthan Valley is a secluded tourist spot of Himachal where you can explore majestic views, enjoy adventure and be a part of mother nature. 

How to Reach Tirthan Valley?

To explore Tirthan Valley, you can travel via taking a flight from Chandigarh, Chandigarh Airport is 134 km away from Tirthan Valley, from there you can take a bus, car, or cab to reach Tirthan Valley. By booking flights from Delhi to Bhuntar you can reach Himachal and from there you can take a taxi to explore Tirthan Valley which is 48km far from the location. To get affordable flight fare you can go for advance ticket booking (3-4 weeks) prior to the date of departure.

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