Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

India, the land of diverse cultures and spices definitely needs to be your next honeymoon destination. The Taj Mahal being one of the significant wonders which speaks about love and dedication. One cannot truly miss a place like India when it comes to a time of togetherness and experience what India has to offer. Not only will you be spellbound by the majestic architectural work of art but the gaiety of the streets that you walk on. Let the splendor of India create and help you to share a bond with your spouse which will last for a lifetime.

Let your honeymoon experience be different from the rest, take more than just a time together; a time of learning, tasting and indulging into the spectacular world of India.

Some of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

You may have already planned for a time of wonder in India but here are some recommended honeymoon destinations in India from us to you.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

The capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla has so much to offer. Her beautiful white atmosphere and her market places which is flocked with locals and tourists. Her cold and chilly nature attracts the gloomiest tourist and makes them feel at home. Her history is something that only the one who visits can unveil. From the Kalka- Shimla toy train journey which will make you experience the most scenic beauty that anyone has ever experienced, the magical Chadwick Falls surrounded by greenery to the Johnnie’s Wax Museum and the numerous parks which await you. A place that will keep your inner spirit awake and wanting to discover more.

Thiruvananthapuram Kerala

Mother Earth chose this beautiful state for a reason and it is known as “God’s own Country”. The bountiful treasure waits to be discovered by travelers from around the world. What more can we ask for from this whimsical state. Thiruvananthapuram is the city that holds the intricate and spectacular workmanship of the people and you can find this in the Kuthiramalika Palace Museum and the Kanakakunna Palace which stands high on the pedestals of Kerela for its architectural excellence. You can feed your curiosity for astronomy in the Priyadarshini Planetarium which you do not want to miss. One cannot leave Thiruvananthapuram without visiting or capturing moments from the top of the Vizhinjam Lighthouse which is situated on the Kurumkal hilltop.

Gangtok, Sikkim

Gangtok is the next destination but only for the risk takers and the brave hearts because you can plan a trekking adventure with your spouse or anyone. The climate is mild throughout the year and the people celebrate different festivals throughout the year. One can learn about Buddhism by visiting the many Buddhist monasteries and also humbling oneself by experiencing the hospitality and love that the people pour on every stranger walking the streets of their beautiful and colorful place they call home.

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

What better way can you make your stay magical than in Jaisalmer? A night in the Thar Desert inside a luxurious tent under your budget and narrow streets with tiny shops that entices your sense of sight and when you fell like the heat is getting the best of you, you can sit back at a tiny yet quirky little stall where you can enjoy “Makhania lassi” which is a special type of sweet butter milk loved and enjoyed by Rajasthani people and tourists. So what better way to make your honeymoon more memorable than to walk down the streets of Jaisalmer or basking under the sun of the Thar desert.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Agra, the place that defines the benevolence of love, admiration and sorrow through the ever so magnificent “Taj Mahal”; the symbol of love, the farewell gift of Shah Jahan to his beloved late wife Mumtaz Mahal; the symbol of love according to many Indians. If this does not reel you in to visit India, nothing else will. Being one of the wonders of the world, this towering ivory-white marble mausoleum sits on the southern bank of the Yamuna river overlooking the city of Agra so that people throughout time will remember and reminisce their times in the city which mirrors the exact emotions that Shah Jahan while building the magnificent Taj Mahal.

Shillong, Meghalaya

A state with a matriarchal society and streets filled with the wildest and freshest products collected and sold by the locals. Shillong is known as the “Scotland of the East” and also known for her Cherry Blossom festival which usually takes place in mid November where you can indulge yourself in the pleasantries of local cuisines, wine, arts and crafts. Shillong is also known for hosting many events especially for music and entertainment.

The opulence of romantic honeymoon destinations in India is immaculate. There are still many places yet to be explored and enjoyed not only by the locals but also by tourists. But the above places are some of the best honeymoon destinations guaranteed to make your visit worthwhile and also to make your honeymoon memorable. Book cheap flights to reach your desired destination easily.

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