Top Places for Scuba Diving in India

India is a country of diversity, somewhere in India you can enjoy wonderful snowfall, on the other hand, witness the amazing desert. In India, tourists enjoy a plethora of adventurous activities like Scuba diving, river rafting, bungee jumping, trekking, parasailing, and much more. Sea sports are the most popular among adventurous freaks because of the magic of the sea. 

Nowadays newlywed couples and friends like to enjoy scuba diving and experience beautiful views of the sea. Would you like to know the top places for Scuba diving in India? Stay tuned with this post because here we have explained the “Top places for Scuba Diving in India.” 


Goa, the party capital of India, has more to offer other than beaches and nightclubs. Yes, there are many more activities to enjoy in Goa other than beaches, which will change your perspective. When you have a plan to visit Goa for scuba diving, you must book your flights from Delhi to Goa for Dabolim airport. From the airport you can take a cab or taxi for scuba diving sites. 

Popular Sites for Scuba Diving in Goa

  • Grande Island
  • Turbo Tunnel
  • Uma Guma Reef
  • Davy Jones Locker
  • Suzy's Wreck

The Grand Island

For adventure freaks, Grand Island is the perfect place. Scuba diving at Grand Island of Goa is on the top list. Grand Island is heaven for expert Scuba divers because it has a strong Sea current. For beginners, Ummagumma Reef is the best option for Scuba diving. Suzy’s Wreck is a popular place for Scuba diving because in 1930 a British Ship Sunken in the sea due to a strong storm. That Ship still remains at the bottom of the sea, which becomes the home of beautiful fishes. 

Turbo Tunnel

Another amazing spot to dive in Grand Island is the slender channel between an island and a rock. This spot is suitable for both novice and experienced divers, as it has a depth of only eight meters. Surge City is an underwater paradise where you will feel the powerful pressure of waves.

Uma Guma Reef

It offers divers an unforgettable experience. Uma Guma Reef offers a vast playground for experienced divers. You will be amazed by the large number of sharks, stingrays, and barracudas that can be found here.

Davy Jones Locker

This is the second wreckage, and only the stern section, as well as the propeller, are visible. Large schools of Grouper are often seen hiding under fallen decks. Jacks, tuna, barracuda, and large school bannerfish can also be seen. The wreck's highest point is 11 meters high and is a great spot to see various species of nudibranch. Although the main wreck section, including boilers and binnacle, is located close to the site, it has not yet been identified.

Suzy's Wreck

Did you know that there are many shipwrecks in Goa and people who can arrange scuba diving trips to take you up close to them? This 130m long metal cargo ship was constructed in the UK in the 1930s. It is now resting in a calm, shallow bay off Grande Island. According to reports, she arrived with a load of railroad tracks. She was sunk in a storm with only one person on board. The wreck can be viewed from several angles. You can also spot many fish, including barracuda and angelfish, snappers as well as lionfish, sweetlips, and squid.

Best Time to Visit for Scuba Diving in Goa 

To enjoy Scuba diving in Goa, the month of November to March is perfect. The temperature would be comfortable for Scuba diving. 

Cost for Scuba diving in Goa

The cost of Scuba diving would be approx. 4000 INR per person. 


The beautiful state Karnataka, attracts millions of tourists every year and offers them adventure to spiritual vibes. So when it is about Scuba diving let’s see the best places for Scuba diving in Karnataka. To explore popular sites for scuba diving, book your air tickets in advance for flights from Mumbai to Bangalore or other popular destinations, so in the last minutes you won’t end up by paying a higher flight fare.

Popular Sites for Scuba Diving in Karnataka

  • Dive Netrani
  • Netrani Adventures
  • West Coast Adventures

Netrani Island 

Located in the state of Karnataka, Netrani Island is just 10 Nautical miles away from Murudeshwar temple, which is popular for Scuba diving. This beautiful diving spot is known as the “Heart of India’s Diving.” While Scuba diving at Netrani Island you can witness beautiful corals, eels, parrotfish, butterflyfish, shrimps, whales, and orcas. 

Netrani Adventures

Netrani Island, also known as the "Pigeon Island", is off the coast in Karnataka. Netrani Island is a beautiful aerial view of a heart. It rises above the tranquil waters of the Arabian Sea. This is a tourist destination and a popular spot for pilgrimage. It boasts silvery sand and western ghats as its backdrop. Netrani Adventures is the only scuba diving company available.

Best Time for Scuba Diving 

December & January are the best months for Scuba diving at Netrani Island because the sea current is high the rest of the year. 

Cost for Scuba Diving

The cost of Scuba diving would be approx. 5500 - 6000 INR per person. 

A single dive can run upwards of INR 4000. You might be able to negotiate a lower rate with the operator depending on the size of your group and the season.


The dream destination for love birds and newly wed couples, Lakshadweep has many attractions to explore. For adventurous activities like Scuba diving, Lakshadweep is the ideal place. Well, if you are planning to visit this island then you need to take a flight from Delhi to Agatti Island which has only one airport here. 

Popular Sites for Scuba Diving

  • Bangaram Island
  • Aggati Island
  • Laccadives

Bagaram Island 

Lakshadweep, the Union Territory of India has a serene and peaceful Island which is Bagaram Island. The entire island is surrounded by Coral reefs and it looks so beautiful. This Island is one of the cleanest beaches of India which has good connectivity. To reach this Island one can take a boat from Aggati. For a lifetime experience, Bagaran Island is the best choice for Scuba diving. 

Best Time for Scuba Diving 

The best time to enjoy Scuba diving at Bagram Island is between October to March. During this time you will get calm seas which are good for Scuba diving. 

Agatti Island

Agatti Islands is another jewel in the Lakshadweep islands group. It is located on one of the coral islands of Lakshadweep and is the only island in the Lakshadweep region that is inhabited. You can either explore the island on foot or hire a two-wheeler for your commute. Each corner of the island is filled with beautiful natural vegetation.

Best Time to Visit Agatti Island 

It is best to visit Agatti island between October and March because the weather stays pleasant all year and the sea stays calm, making it safe. Summers are when the temperature is at its highest, at 35A, AdegA degrees Celsius. Minimum 22 degrees Celsius. Between April and May, temperatures can reach as high as 35A. AdegA degrees Celsius, and as low as 22 degrees Celsius. The island experiences heavy to intermittent rainfall during monsoons. 

Approx. Cost for Scuba Diving

The cost of Scuba diving per person is 4000-7000 INR.

Cardamom/Kadmat Island

The home of various exotic marine species like marine turtles, Cardamom Island is also known as Kadmat Island. This Island is popular for turquoise waters, white sands, and various species of live corals. The lush greenery around this Island attracts foreign tourists here. If you are planning to enjoy Scuba diving at Kadmat Island then you must carry your passport with you. 

Best Time for Scuba Diving

The best time for Scuba diving is November to March, during this time due to the calm sea Scuba diving would be a great experience. 

Cost for Scuba Diving

At Kadmat Island the approx. the cost for scuba diving is 6000 INR per person.


For a wonderful trip where you can enjoy adventurous activities to peaceful nature, Pondicherry is an ideal place. Here you can enjoy Scuba diving at these places.

Popular Sites for Scuba Diving in Pondicherry

  • Cool Shark Reef
  • Temple Reef
  • Corners
  • The Hole

Cost for Scuba Diving in Pondicherry

The approx. cost for scuba diving for non-swimmer/full swimmer is 3500 - 6000 INR.

The Arvind Wall

Pondicherry is a popular destination for holiday vacations among tourists. For water sports, like scuba diving, The Arvind Wall is a popular scuba diving site that is situated approx 15 KM away from offshore. At this scuba diving site, tourists can witness unique sea creatures like butterflyfish, iron fish, sea snakes, Honeycomb Moray Eel. Due to its beautiful serene, the Arvind wall site attracts many tourists.

Best Time for Scuba Diving in The Arvind Wall

The best time for scuba diving is between December to March. During this time the weather would be pleasant, the seas are calm and the temperature would be appropriate. 

Cool Shark Reef

Whether you are a beginner or expert in scuba diving, Cool shark reef is the best scuba diving site in Pondicherry for you. The sandy sea floor and coral reefs of the cool shark reef make it gorgeous. You can witness parrot fish, kingfish, Jackfish, sea snakes, dolphins and whales, etc. marine creators. 

Best Time for Scuba Diving in Cool Shark Reef

The best time for scuba diving is during March and October because during this time you will find the sea calm & cool. 

Cost for Scuba Diving in Cool Shark Reef

The approx. the cost for scuba diving for non-swimmer/full swimmer is 3500 - 6000 INR.

Temple Reef

Temple Reef is an artificial coral reef that has four dive sites, each with a distance of 30m. This artificial reef was built entirely from recycled materials, including concrete blocks, iron bars, and trees. It is also home to palm leaves and rocks.

The names of the four Temple Reef diving spots are "Original Temple Reef", Parking Lot, Beer Garden, and Temple 2 aka Wreck city. The parking lot at Temple Reef looks like a small wreck, which adds to its uniqueness.

Cost for Scuba Diving in Temple Reef 

The approx cost for scuba diving is 8000 and onwards.

Four Corners

Four Corners, a popular spot for open-water divers, is one of the oldest sports in Pondicherry and is home to many marine species. Four Corners, surrounded by small rocks and palm trees, is a stunning spot for diving in Pondicherry.

This place is home to over 70 coral reef species. It's a delight for the eyes. Dolphins, Lionfish, Torpedoes, etc. These are the usual inhabitants. You may also be able to spot large marine animals if you're lucky.

Cost for Scuba Diving

The average cost is between 4000 INR to 5500 INR

The Hole

The Hole was established in 2011 and is an excellent spot for experienced divers. The Hole, which grows deeper and deeper as you get further away from the shore, is a great spot for beautiful hard corals and unending schools of fish. To explore the hidden treasures of the seabed, the darkness increases as you go deeper.

This is the area that attracts the most professional scuba divers from India. The tranquility and beauty of "The Hole", along with its aura, will be a delight to you. This spot is a great place to see giant sea creatures.

Cost for Scuba Diving in The Hole

The approx. cost for scuba diving for non-swimmer/full swimmer is 9000 INR to 11000 INR.

Dwarka - Enjoy the Adventurous Sport With Spiritual Vibes

Dwarka is a popular spiritual place in India that is popular as the abode of Lord Krishna, on the other hand for scuba diving. If you are an adventure junkie, get ready to explore underwaters' life. Dwarka, Gujarat Imagine yourself scuba diving in India, at a location that could change the course of history. The lost city of Dwarka, which dates back to over 9,000 years ago, is what we are referring to. Dwarka is therefore on our list of top sites to scuba dive in India. The Archeological Survey of India's Underwater Archeology Wing only revealed that 30 copper coins were found in ancient structures. It is not yet known when the coins and structures were discovered. Sites for diving: The underwater city is home to a variety of corals. Marine attractions: Amazingly, whale sharks are so close to shore. You can also see turtles and dolphins in the Gulf of Kutch. Here, you can also see pufferfish, octopus, and other species at low tides.

Best Time to Visit for Scuba in Dwarka

The best time to visit Dwarka and enjoy the diving adventure is between post monsoon, and from the month of October to March.

Approx Cost of Scuba Diving in Dwarka 

The average cost is between INR 4,500 + 18% GST Open Water Course (3 Days), - Rs 26,000 + 18% GST. 

How to Reach Dwarka

The nearest domestic airport of Dwarka is Jamnagar, this airport is well connected to main cities of India. You can book cheap flights from Delhi to Jamnagar easily from Travolook. 

These are the top places for Scuba diving in India, where you can spend your vacation and relax. So, adventure junkies get ready to rush the adrenaline in your body and enjoy the best moment of your life.

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