Chikmagalur : Best Places to Visit in Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is an attractive hill station in Karnataka that epitomises greenery and peaceful surroundings with its lush natural beauty. It allows everyone to escape from the city's raucous noises and disturbing environment with the most refreshing Chikmagalur tourist sites. This humble town is surrounded by the majestic Western Ghats with sightseeing and hiking being its main attractions for the tourists. The dense vegetation has a plethora of beautiful sights to offer each of its guests, allowing them to experience nature's unmatchable splendour. Additionally the ethnic cuisine and native communities make the place even more interesting. The numerous hills positioned at significant heights provide spectacular views of the magnificent landscape. A family planning a summer vacation in the hills, a writer in search of solitude, friends looking to have some fun against the background of the towering trees, Chikmagalur is perfect for all of them. 

Chikmagalur : Tourist Attractions

Chikmagalur tourism spots are highly recognised among individual and group tourists worldwide due to ample room for a variety of adventure activities. Travolook compiles a list of beautiful places to see in the town.

Kudremukh National Park

A holiday in the Kudremukh National Park is unlike any other site to visit in Chikmagalur. Located at a distance of approximately 96 kilometres from Chikmagalur, this park is located amidst the natural surrounds of the Western Ghats. Due to its high altitude positioning, it continues to have a quiet and pleasant weather even during the state's severe summers, and therefore happens to be one of the top Chikmagalur tourist attractions. The presence of a hill in the shape of a horse's head called Kudre in Kannada, and the face called Mukha gives this place its name as Kudremukh. The large park has four sub-ranges with dense terrain and forests all the way around. Both tea and coffee plantations are found abundantly here.


Karnataka's tallest summit is located about 12 kms from Chikmagalur and is the tallest peak between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris. This summit rises almost 2000 metres above sea level. The Mullayanagri peak is meant to seem like a trekker's backyard in appearance and boasts of some of the best hiking paths in the world. The nature trails in this area are among the greatest in the country and provide all of the elements of an exciting journey. They are distinguished for their exotic vegetation and several vantage spots that offer amazing, panoramic views. The frigid wind sweeps against your cheeks with each passing grade as you trek attentively on these perilous slopes. Things may grow more difficult, but they do not become less delightful. There is also small shrine on top of the summit which is devoted to the mighty Lord Shiva where multitudes of worshippers climb all the way up to offer their prayers.

Hebbe Falls

The stunning fall cascades at a distance of 8 kilometres away from Kemmangundi. Enveloped by lush vegetation, this area is characterised by dense forests, lush foliage, diverse flora, and hills. Coffee farms dot the landscape surrounding the falls. Standing at a height of 168 metres, the falls are separated into two phases: the Big Falls and the Small Falls and these heights fluctuate between the two districts, which are known as Dodda Hebbe and Chikka Hebbe. The most unique feature is that the water of the falls contains exotic plants, thereby infusing it with herbs Herbs. It’s like a medicated natural Jacuzzi where you can take a dip and feel the rejuvenating freshness. You will love it during the rainy season when the waterfall expands and generates thundering sounds that may be heard from distance.

Baba Budangiri (Datta Peeta)

Datta Peetha, also known as the Chandra Drona Parvatha, features multiple high mountain rises. This is a renowned tourist site in the Baba Budan Giri range. The mountain bears the name of the Muslim saint Baba Budan Giri and is noteworthy among Chikmagalur's sites to visit. It is a gorgeous place with several tourist attractions. There are three caves in this area where three Siddhas or spiritual oracles are buried and an annual ritual is hosted here. The view in this area is breathtaking. range. The mix of natural beauty and interesting caverns makes this a popular destination. A lantern is lit during the festival of lights – Diwali making it even more beautiful.

The Kalhatti Falls

This is a site where nature envelops you with its enchantment.  As you draw closer to the falls you realise it consists of all of nature's blessings – it is pure, invigorating, and attractive. It's a great way to get some fresh air by going for a walk in the woods. The landscape of the falls is dominated by several mountains and lush greenery. In the neighbourhood, there is a modest temple full of stone idols and surrounded by waterfalls. It makes for a spectacular and unique sight. Devotees visit this shrine not only to offer prayers but also to relax and enjoy the lovely environs. There are several walking paths around the falls and trekking especially is quite popular as there are beautiful hiking routes that go through deep greenery.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary, which is both a sheltered region and a Project Tiger area, is the abode of a variety of wild animals and birds. The plants and wildlife found here are unusual and worth seeing. Located between the districts of Chikmagalur and Shimoga, the sanctuary is a refuge to a considerable size of tiger population. Kemmannugundi and Bababudan Hills also lie within the sanctuary. The rich foliage that fills the sanctuary attests to the sanctuary's unbroken magnificence. The Sanctuary gets its name from The Bhadra River that passes through the reserve.  There are plenty of deciduous trees found in this area and woodlands are mostly moist. There are multiple species of trees like Teak, rosewood, mathi, and kindal and never-ending which is a delight to the eyes. The sanctuary is famous for its wildlife safaris where the tours allow you to observe tigers in their natural environment. Private jeep safaris are available and the guest is accompanied by the Forest officials who give you details about the wild animals. Additionally, there are almost 250 species of birds also in the sanctuary.

Hanuman Gundi Falls

This tranquil and pleasant spot, which cascades down from a height of more than 100 feet onto natural rocks, attracts people in pursuit of a relaxing day among nature's magnificence. You can take have a refreshing and energising bath while admiring the beauty of the serenity and the wonder of the waterfall. If you wish to go swimming, it is quite safe and the beauty of the falls is in its prime during the rains. The forest government has built some excellent and secure steps down into the falls for a small fee of Rs 30/- per head. It’s a remote location for those who enjoy solitude.

The Bhadra Dam

The Bhadra Dam is a notable landmark in Chikmagalur. Erected on the river Bhadra, a tributary of the famed Tungabhadra River, this grew stronger when the local residents began using the water for agriculture and generating energy for the adjoining areas. The river begins in the great Western Ghats near Samse and flows east through the Deccan Plateau, making it one of the best sites to visit in Chikmagalur. The River Bhadra runs through the city of Bhadravathi and the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.

Check out a Tea Plantation

A magnificent plantation is never far away in Chikmagalur. You may either organise a tour to a plantation through your lodging or drive until you find one. A tour through these plantations allows you to mingle with the people and enjoy nature at its best.  Once owned by the British, today, they are vestiges of a bygone period and an important part of the local culture, being one of the top Chikmagalur tourist attractions. If you like to capture nature in pictures this will be the ideal spot for doing that for very few sites compare to the unparalleled splendour of these plantations which are dotted with hiding brooks, creeks and gushing falls. The place becomes more picturesque when accompanied with thundering clouds during monsoons.

Stay at a Coffee Estate

Typically, the coffee estates depict ancient, imperial buildings and adhere to historical interior décor patterns to give you the impression of travelling back in time. Apart from the opulent milieu, these estates provide wonderful opportunity to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the area because they are often located on peaceful hillsides away from city traffic, making it one of the top locations to visit in Chikmagalur.  You can choose to stay in the antique villas, or in one of the many local home stays and learn about the village lifestyle.  It's a terrific opportunity to see Chikmagalur's lesser-known sites through the eyes of the natives.

Experience Homestay in Chikmaglur

Homestays in the region are excellent opportunities to soak up the rural ambiance and learn about the local culture. Some home stays in Chikmaglur are located in the picturesque they countryside; give you a golden chance to immerse yourself in nature. You may stay in a forest home stay with direct access to the waterfalls, pools, and creeks within the premises or you can stay in one of the numerous little hamlets or towns to get that village vibe. Home stays are also offered on historic coffee plantation estates and in close proximity to the wildlife reserves, where you can take a stroll through the variety of nature that the area has to offer. Alternatively, you can also book a home stay that provides convenient access to the major tourist attractions.

Kyathanamakki Hills

Going off road, away from the normal routes and roads over the undulating, green hills of Kyatanamakki is a must-do activity for adventure enthusiasts all around the country. One of the most attractive spots to visit in Chikmagalur is the scenery, which is lined with various streams, waterfalls, and spectacular peaks hidden by the dense clouds. You get to ride in a strong vehicle that allows you to negotiate the steep hills, making for a thrilling and fulfilling experience. Aside from off-roading, you may also go on interesting hikes and watch the sunset from high peaks.

Madu Gundi Falls

This refreshing fall is nestled away in a picturesque area of the Western Ghats in an enchanting region of Dakshina Kannada. You may organise a day excursion to the waterfalls by travelling through the spell binding beauty of the countryside. The route is as picturesque as the location itself and provides several options for off-roading, nature photography, and quick breaks for a mini picnic, making it one of the greatest Chikmagalur tourist attractions. During the monsoon season, when the adjacent coffee farms too are lush and green, the waterfalls are a beautiful sight to behold against that background. You can also visit the neighbouring ancient Ballalarayana Durga shrine.

The Sharadamba Temple

The Sharadamba Temple located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River in the town of Shringeri, goes back to the 8th century the temple honours the goddess of knowledge and as per the common belief praying to the goddess improves one's learning ability. This temple sees hundreds of young and old devotees coming in to offer their prayers from all over the country. Until the early twentieth century, the temple was completely made of wood. However, due to a fire that devastated the edifice, the Sharadamba Temple is now a typical South Indian temple. There was an antique sandalwood statue of the goddess earlier which was later replaced with a gold statue temple. A well-known Hindu scholar, Adi Shankaracharya, established his practise here by choosing this location as his gurukul to impart the teachings of Hinduism to his pupils. The best period to visit this temple is at the time of Navratra festival.


Tarikere Taluk is home to this high station named Kemmangundi that sits at a height of approximately 1400 metres. Kemmangundi, also known as the Sri Krishnarajendra Hill Station, was a popular summer resort for kings. The grounds in this area are meticulously designed. Beautiful mountains, hills, and meadows surround Kemmangundi and the panoramic delight it offers is breathtaking. In the neighbourhood, there is a guest home called Raj Bhavan which houses a spectacular Rose Garden famous for watching lovely sunrises and sunsets. The Z point is another wonderful spot to explore and to reach there, you would have to slog for over an hour on an upward slope but it will be worth it as you will be able to see beautiful dawn and sunset from here as well.

The Coffee Museum

The Coffee Museum in Chikmagalur is an absolute must visit for being a paradise for smelling and savouring the fresh scent of authentic coffee. The quality of coffee is checked and evaluated here. This museum allows visitors to watch and study the whole coffee-making process, from picking the beans to powdering them. Training materials for growing and manufacturing the best coffee are developed here. The structure is encircled by little coffee plant pots and is set among beautiful flora. Discovering the beauty of the environment, along with an appealing scent of coffee and experts educating you about coffee making is a delightful experience. The museum also has various papers and maps that will teach you about the procedures and other coffee producing places in India.

The Manikyadhara Falls

The waterfall is a beautiful place to spend time with your friends and loved ones.  Located in the dense Shola forests, it is surrounded with several hiking paths for you to discover and trail. There is also the option of camping in open areas. This location is distinguished by its beautiful surroundings and lush foliage. There is a folklore attached to falls that Saint Hazrat Dada Hayath Mir Khalandar visited this area along with his our disciples in search of water. When they couldn't locate any water, they prayed to the Almighty for assistance and their prayers were suddenly answered this in the form of this waterfall that poured down. So many people regard this cascade to be sacred, pray and even bathe in it as it is said to have supernatural medicinal qualities. A dip in these waters is rejuvenating as the water remains cold even in hot summers.

Kadambi Waterfalls

Located near the hilly town of Kudremukh, Kadambi Waterfalls captures the spirit and atmosphere of Chikmaglur. This enthralling location is brimming with naturalistic splendours with clean and fresh water being the highlight. Witness the nature's finest elements in a space surrounded by lush vegetation. This waterfall has a fan following within Indians as well as foreigners as people visit here again and again. Kudremukh has three rivers tributaries namely Bhadra, Tunga, and Nethravati. This hill station has some spectacular trekking paths and whenever you visit Kadambi Falls; you should check out the surrounding Kudremukh area too which houses rainforests full of exotic wild animals.

Kadambi is nestled amidst pretty orchids big and small and visiting them will be a delightful experience. If you are lucky you might even get to see some jackals around the area. You may also go to nearby Rajendra Hill which is surrounded by coffee plantations and provides an excellent backdrop for hiking, camping, and relaxing.

Z Point

Z point is one of the top hiking locations not only in Chikmagalur but also in Karnataka. Being located at an altitude of 1400meters, the point offers breathtaking views over the Western Ghats. It takes about 3 kms to reach the summit. The trek is exciting and comes with the gorgeous vistas of lush green valleys. Kemmagundi Raj Bhavan serves as the starting point for this challenging journey to Z Point, which also offers spectacular dawn and sunset views. Furthermore, Shanti waterfalls are located on the way to the peak, so travellers may stop by to have a cold shower.

Hirekolale Lake

Hirekolale lake lays huddled between the green hills and lush coffee plantations near Chikmagalur, away from the city buzz. If you're searching for a tranquil and secluded area with lesser crowds then this man-made lake is your best bet for a picnic. . The lake was developed to provide water to the town of Chikmagalur and hence has tremendous significance. Tourists may relax by the lake and absorb the gorgeous sight of the sunset as it sets between the neighbouring hills. The cool, foggy climate and the peaceful environment is heart warming. Since there are no eateries until a few kilometres from the lake, it is advisable that you bring some food and water with you.

Jhari Waterfalls

Jhari , which means Waterfalls in Kannada, is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Chikmagalur, is also famously referred to as buttermilk falls due to its pristine white appearance. It is regarded as one of the greatest spots to visit in Chikmagalur to rejuvenate and unwind in the heart of nature. The falls are flanked by lush forest and coffee farms, that combine to provide a magnetic view. A pool at the bottom section of this waterfall allows tourists to get soaked.  This place is of the most favoured eco-stays in Chikamagalur and also makes for a fun filled and fantastic choice for day’s picnic with family or friends.

The Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple

The Annapoorneshwari Temple located on the banks of the Bhadra River is one of the most peaceful sites to visit in Chikmagalur. It is a captivating temple, elaborately designed and dedicated to Goddess Annapoorna creatd in gold. It is believed to be built by Sage Agastya. The complete temple is bordered by beautiful green paths, and the ambiance is rather soothing. It was once a tiny temple, but over time it was enlarged and exalted.  Many guests’ from all age groups, castes and religions come to pray here and are warmly welcomed. Devotees are even served a three-course vegetarian feast in honour of the ruling deity, Goddess Annapoorna, or the Goddess of Abundant Food for All. If you're searching for a serene setting alone with divine vibes, this is the place to go.

The Kavikal Gandi ViewPoint

The Kavikal Gandi ViewPoint, which is close to Baba Budangiri, offers magnificent natural exhibits that are a visual feast. This popular tourist site in Chikmagalur is also known as the Horse Shoe ViewPoint. On the pinnacle, you will get to see a magnificent picture of Swami Vivekanand and enjoy the gentle air. There is also a small statue of the deity of Lord Hanuman at the bottom of the hill. Kavikal Gandi Viewpoint is becoming renowned as a trekking location, offering spectacular scenery and hiking paths. The whole Chandra Drona range can be seen from this position, making it a must-see on any Chikmagalur trip itinerary.

The Ayyanakere Lake

This emerald green shining lake is popular with tourists all through the year since it is the largest lake in the Chickmagalur region. It covers 22 hectares and is enveloped by rich greenery, which adds to its appeal multi fold. The Ayyanakere Lake has a boundary of mountains on three sides and displays a kaleidoscope of visual delights. The Shakungiri range sits in the background of the lake, adding breathtaking views. The beauty of the place is mesmerising and activities like fishing, camping by the lake side make the experience even more memorable.

The Seethalayanagiri

The Seethalayanagiri, which stands out among the most gorgeous sites to visit in Chikmagalur, is a delight for nature enthusiasts. With the melodies of the bird along with the cool air creates an enchanting atmosphere. The sights from this 5,000-foot-high vantage point will transport you to another realm. The winding journey up the twisting lanes of Chandradrona hill to Seethalayanagiri is breathtaking. A little peaceful temple devoted to Seethala Mallikarjuna Swamy is also located here. In Kannada, 'Seetha' implies moist. Water surrounds the Shivlinga at all times and this is a sacred site for the people who live in the surrounding area. Aside from the temple, there is a cave that sits on the left side of the temple. Many orchids and wildflowers grow in the trees around the top.

The Kodandaramaswami Temple

The Kodandaramaswami Temple, also known as the Kodandarama Temple, is a Hindu temple named for the statues of Lord Rama and Lakshmana, who are represented wielding arrows. Built in the Hoysala and Dravidian architectural features, this gorgeous temple is a sight to behold. If you are a true admirer of history or keen on religion, you will enjoy a trip to this temple as it belongs to the 14th century. It is rooted in local folklore as being the home of Lord Parshurama. Inside the temple, the exquisite idols of Sita, Rama, and Lakshmana have been a muse for the writers for generations.

Ballalarayana Durga Fort

The ancient and remote fort belongs to the 12th century and was originally a part of the Hoysala Empire. Ballalarayana Durga Fort sits on a lovely hill ad a hike up to the fort is one of the most interesting things to do in Chikmagalur. The quiet environment, the lush hills and the views of the expansive Western Ghats make for a visual treat as you cross the countryside. The fort is built in the Karnata Dravida architectural design and makes a superb photographic backdrop. You may also enjoy spectacular sunsets at the fort, as the firmament changes its hues from yellow to orange spilling light on the surrounding woodland.

Mahatma Gandhi Park

Take a trip to the verdant surrounds of the Mahatma Gandhi Park. It is a relief from the city’s noisy buzzing life. Before it was made into a lovely park for the inhabitants of this region, this park was a lengthy stretch of dense woodland. The park includes meandering trails that go through the open areas and enormous, shaded trees where you can enjoy a family picnic. The park consists of a special children's play area as well as a toy railway to keep the kids occupied. The park houses an amphitheatre that hosts a variety of musical, artistic, and cultural performances. The Nehru Rose Garden, located near the amphitheatre, contains over 250 species of roses that are a sensory delight. It also has a nursery with over 300 different types of plants along with a pretty pond.

Doddabale Siddaragudda Peak

A hike to the picturesque Doddabale Siddaragudda Peak, which sits 5,500 feet above sea level, is the ideal way to explore Chikmagalur's natural wonders. An early start will enable you to reach at favourable time to see the break of a beautiful dawn. You'll be delighted to see lush, verdant woods, groomed plantations, and mountains covered with sheets of clouds. You may also take a diversion to one of Chikmagalur's many nature-based attractions along the road, such as Lakeville Dam, Baba Budangiri Hills, Bhadra Lake, and Kebbedoddi Village.

Sringeri Sharada Peetha

Sringeri is one of the most important In terms of pilgrimage sites to visit in Chikmagalur. It is well-known for housing Sharada Peetham, the first of four peethams built by Sri Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century to maintain and spread Santana Dharma and Advaita Vedanta.  Because of the presence of the deity of Goddess Sharada and the expertise of the Acharyas of the Peetham, Sringeri became recognised as a major location of traditional learning in along with being a centre of spiritual force. Sringeri Mutt, located on the banks of the Tunga River and huddled by the Western Ghats, is a destination of immense scenic beauty. It is an exquisite blend of natural beauty, culture, heritage, folklore, and design.

Sri Veeranarayana Temple

Sri Veeranarayana temple is a trikuta, which means a temple with three shrines, and is another excellent example of Hoysala grandeur. The three temples are devoted to Lord Veeranarayana, Gopalkrishna, and Yoga Narasimha, all of which are avatars of Lord Vishnu, and it is one of the most beautiful Chikmagalur tourist attractions. With simple walls and finely carved roofs with geometrical motifs, deities and warrior formations, the temple is an architectural marvel. This temple is also finds its mention in the Mahabharata as the location where he demon was killed by Bheema to defend the inhabitants.


A picturesque hamlet near Chikmagalur, Belavadi is a National Heritage Site. It retains tremendous significance since it houses the Hoysala-built Veer Narayana temple. Built-in remembrance of famous, brave warrior Belavadi Mallamma and for the reigning queen who battled against Shivaji Maratha, the temple is a beautiful reminder of the era gone by. The site as a whole is a stunning example of folklore, culture, and artistic brilliance. It is the perfect retreat to rest and enjoy away from the fast paced city life.


Belur is famed for its architectural magnificence and the wonders of the Hoysala kingdom. The historic settlement is located on the shores of the Yagachi River and popularly called as Banaras of South or Dakshina Banaras. It is primarily known for its temple, Chennakesava, which is devoted to Lord Vishnu. In the same complex, there are two more temples named Kappe Chennigaraya and Ammanavara, both of which have similar construction. The majority of tourists that visit Belur generally continue their stay in Halebid, which is known as Belur's twin town and is merely 18 kilometres away.


Kalasa, located on the banks of the Bhadra River, is affectionately known as Chikmagalur's temple town. It gets its name from the Sri Kalaseshwara temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva and is a must-see in Kalasa as well as one of the be Chikmagalur tourist attractions. Encircled by thick vegetation and the gorgeous Western Ghats, this town enjoys has the most amazing weather throughout the year making it one of the favourite tourist destinations in Chikmagalur. According to legend, a visit to Kalasa is more religiously significant than a visit to Varanasi.

How to Reach Chikmagalur

The nearest airport to Chikmagalur is Mangalore Airport,(113 kilometres) away. You can book cheap flights from Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and other important Indian cities. From the airport, you may take a pre-paid cab to Chikmagalur.

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