16 Places to Visit in Kodaikanal

The name Kodaikanal is a combination of two words: Kodai and Kanal, which means ‘Gift of the Forest’ in Tamil. Located in the highlands of Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal stands at an altitude of  7,000 feet on the peak of Palani Hills, above sea level and is recognized for its panoramic views and unrivalled scenic beauty. In the mid-nineteenth century, British missionaries who chose Kodaikanal as their summer capital transformed it into a retreat which gradually started drawing in more and more tourists. Famously known as the Princess of Hill Stations, Kodaikanal is a delight for nature enthusiasts and especially honeymoon couples for being one of the most romantic sites in south India. This place is exotic piece of jewel whose natural grandeur never ceases to amaze its visitors with deep green forests, invigorating waterfalls, multiple valleys, meandering hill slopes, quiet lakes and serene vistas. The Parappar and Gundar valleys encircle Kodaikanal on both sides. Boating in lakes, hiking in the hills, visiting caves, and even praying at holy sites are just a few of the activities that one can enjoy in a pretty hill station. Travolook takes you through the best places you can visit in Kodaikanal.

Best Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Let’s take a look at some of the best tourist places in and around Kodaikanal

The Kodaikanal Lake

The Kodaikanal lake is one of Tamil Nadu's most renowned tourist spots. This manmade lake in the shape of a star is positioned 2285 metres above sea level. Sir Vere Hentry Levinge, Madurai's collector at the time, built Kodai Lake in 1863. He retired to Kodaikanal and decided to develop this lake on an unoccupied swampy site. Currently, sports such as fishing and boating are the main attractions here.

Berijam Lake

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Kodaikanal is the Berijam lake bordered with forests around, overlooking the natural wilderness. The peaceful and turquoise waters of the lake, located at the end of the Pillar Rock Road, are immensely welcome and pleasant to the eyes. To access this magnificent gem, a license from the forest department is required. If addressed the day before, the permission is easily obtained. Boating is restricted here because the neighbouring public derives its drinking water from the lake. However, a trip around the lake and its gorgeous environs make it a must-see destination for travellers in Kodaikanal.

Coaker’s Walk

Don’t miss strolling down he Coaker’s Walk if you wish to breathe in the pure, refreshing air and soak in the visual delight of the greens.  It is located on the southern side of the main town, standing at a distance of half a kilometre This man-made pedestrian plaza was built by Lt Coaker in 1872. The trek down Mount Nebo begins at Allen Hospital and proceeds to the central city road, above St. Peter's Church, with spectacular views of the Pambar River, Dolphin's Nose, Periyakulam, and even Madurai. Coaker’s Walk is a trail that offers a stunning view of the whole valley with foggy mountains staring back at you.

Pine Forest

The sight of an infinite number of pine trees towering in perfectly straight endless queues is breath taking. Pine trees have been known to live for thousands of years. This plantation is manmade and it’s an absolute pleasure to sit there soaking in the serenity of the huge trees and watching the rays of sunshine filter through them! Not only that you will get to decorate your instagram profile with the gorgeous pictures that you will click here.

The Pillar Rocks

Pillar Rocks is one of the best sightseeing spots in Kodaikanal, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty. The location got its name from three boulders that tower almost vertically, standing high and practically piercing the sky at 400 feet. Fog and mist frequently play around with the pillars, giving the area an almost surreal appearance.

The Kurinji Andavar 

The Kurinji Andavar temple, dedicated to Lord Murugan, is a must-see for pilgrims in Kodaikanal. The modest temple, located in an unusual location, features beautiful views of the Palani Hills as a background. From the temple, visitors may also have a great view of the Vaigai Dam. The temple is linked with the Kurinji blossoms, which bloom just once every 12 years. A trip to Kodaikanal would be incomplete without making a halt at this temple.

Mannavanur Lake

Mannavanur Lake located in a tiny hamlet named Mannavanur, is one of the prettiest tourist attractions in Kodaikana lying off the beaten track. Crossing through little streams, small waterfalls, and carrot fields you reach Mannavanur Lake. When you arrive, you will be greeted with a quiet and serene body of water. Enjoying the peaceful waters and tranquil greens around are enough to rejuvenate body, mind and soul.

Poombarai Village

A visit to the Poombarai Village View Point is a necessity if you wish to enjoy a gorgeous trek and get a peek of the playful clouds along with manicured valleys. The hamlet is well-known for its garlic output. Located at 1920 metres above sea level, has breathtaking views of the surrounding panoramas. It’s a memorable experience to stare at the beauty around, admire the natural splendour and taste local delicacies such as carrots and beans.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is a botanical park in close proximity to Kodai Lake. Glen Bryant, a British army officer, was the inspiration behind the park. With over 325 types of trees, shrubs, and cactuses, the garden is a riot of colours that resembles a rainbow when all of the flowers are in bloom. Apart from these, an ancient 160-year-old Eucalyptus tree is a key draw for the tourists. When on a Kodaikanal trip, don't forget to stop by this lovely botanical garden.

Lake View Point

This popular tourist attraction in Kodaikanal, also known as the Upper Lake View Point, draws a large number of visitors and as the name suggests, it offers a view of the entire Lake. Besides getting a view of the dazzling Kodai Lake, you also get to see the great green panoramas that surround it. This place is ideal to just hang around, relax and carry back wonderful memories that you make watching the star shaped Kodai Lake.

The Chettiar Park

Chettiar Park is a gorgeous green park that is a popular tourist destination in the hill region of Kodaikanal. The park is teeming with a diverse range of unique flower species, and it is noted for radiating incredible beauty at every turn. The park's impeccably kept grounds add to the opulence of the setting. The primary attraction of Chettiar is the Kurunji flowers, which bloom once every 12 years.

The Silent Valley 

The Silent Valley View, located near Berijam Lake, is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts. Needless to say, the point is an incredible site to admire the natural surroundings and picturesque mountains enveloping it. Dawn and Dusk are the finest times to visit the Silent Valley View Point. A visit to the Silent Valley View is unquestionably worthwhile.

The Guna Caves

The Guna Caves are one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Kodaikanal. The caverns, named after the famous Kamal Hassan-starrer Tamil film Guna, are a must-see for nature lovers and adventure junkies. The area was a popular hiking path before the filming, and it became known as Guna Caves thereafter. A journey to this amazing cave will help you make great memories.

The Vattakanal Falls 

The Vattakanal Falls are a popular tourist destination in Kodaikanal. Lying nestled among Karnataka's lush forests, is a must visit when you are on a Kodaikanal vacation. The falls are encircled by hills, forests, and wide green fields and a complete visual treat. A bridge near the falls gives a mesmerising view of the falls and clicking photographs becomes easier.

La Saleth Church

La Saleth Church, located on an edge of the cliff beyond the town, is treasured as the immaculate jewel of Kodaikanal. To get there, you must first climb a high stairway that leads to the entrance of this gorgeous temple. Once there, one can pay tribute to the Almighty and offer prayers in a peaceful and tranquil setting. La Saleth is a more than 100-year-old ancient shrine in Kodaikanal that was previously the town's lone Catholic Church. In the month of August, the church has its yearly celebration to honour Mother Mary, which lasts around 9 days. During this time, a large number of devotees, both locals and visitors throng the church.

The Bear Shola Falls

The Bear Shola Falls, which is part of the Parappar River Stream, is a sight to see. The falls, one of Kodaikanal's most prominent tourist attractions, are a sight to see. The falls, which cascade down in a tilted direction from a high altitude, are located within a forest reserve and are unaffected by human encroachment. A visit to Bear Shola Falls will undoubtedly revitalise your senses.

Best Time to Visit in Kodaikanal

can be visited throughout the year due to its mild weather but the ideal time to visit it is between October to March.

How to Reach Kodaikanal

Cheap flights are available to the airport nearest to Kodaikanal which is Madurai, and stands at a distance of 120 kilometres away.  From the airport, you can travel by bus to reach Kodaikanal or take a cab.

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