Why you Must Visit Wayanad & Tourist Attractions

Wayanad is a district in Tamil Nadu that borders Kerala and offers a wide range of activities to its visitors. There are plenty of reasons to visit this town as it has expansive animal ranches, wild habitat, and is filled with stunning waterfalls, mystic caves, delightful resorts and homestays.

If Kerala is God's Own Country, Wayanad is unquestionably a bit of paradise. It is one of the few areas in India that flaunts a diversified ecosystem as it thrives amid the lush stretch of the Western Ghats. Consequently, Wayanad is presently one of Kerala's most sought after tourist destinations, with visitors arriving from all across the country. The spectacular landscapes make for a perfect holiday within nature's green spaces due to their abundant foliage, blooming greenery, and lesser footfall. 

Best Places to Visit Wayanad

Let's have a look at some of the beautiful places in Wayanad to visit.

  • Ekkal Caves
  • Pakshipathalam, 
  • Soochipara Falls
  • Meppadi
  • Vaduvanchal
  • Ambalavayal
  • Thirunelly
  • Pookode Lake

Ekkal Caves - A Trip to the Ancient Past

Ekkal Caves in Wayanad is a prominent tourist destination located in a remote location at Eddakal These Caves are popular as they transports you to Wayanad's olden times in another era. A visit to these Caves is a must-do on a vacation to Wayanad since their rich historical appeal has drawn historians and archaeologists from all over the world. Edakkal literally translates to 'a stone in between,' and the caverns' structure reflects this as between two large stones, there is a stone stuck in the middle. Edakkal is the solely popular place for Stone Age carvings in South India and few of the depictions are even as incredibly old as 7000 years. You will have the most amazing experience travelling for 1 km over rugged terrain, then climbing 380 steep stairs to the summit of the hill which will lead you to these mystic Caves. It is an experience full of wonder and adventure that you will never forget.

Pakshipathalam - The Pleasure of Bird Watching

Located in the Brahmagiri Hills in Wayanad district, Pakshipathalam is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Wayanad especially for the bird and animal enthusiasts. The enigmatic park is famous for its large bird population and trekking paths through the lush Thriunelli forest. Pakshipathalam is a large matrix of caves where you may see a variety of bird species. Pakshipathalam is a hill station that was formerly a popular meditation spot for innumerable saints from ancient times. There is also a cave called Munikal Cave where birds rest at night and early in the morning. The cave is also recognised for the rare type of bird known as the 'Edible Nest Swift,' which uses its saliva to build its nest. There is a little eagle-shaped protrusion where Lord Vishnu's sacred chariot, the Garuda, is said to have landed. The first pit stop is towards the summit of the mountain, near a watchtower which can be seen from the Thirunelli Mahavishnu Temple. The three-hour hike to Pakshipathalam passes through damp deciduous trees, grassy hillocks, open meadows, slick pathways, and tight rocky caverns. While going towards Pakshipathalam, you may even be lucky to see some elephant herds in the meadows.

Soochipara Falls - Refresh and Rejuvenate

The three-tiered Soochipara Falls, popularly known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, is located near Vellarimala, Wayanad and being enveloped with the deciduous, evergreen and alpine woods makes the waterfall a stunning sight to behold. The milky white stream of water moving past rugged cliffs and clinging trees on its way to the rivers is a delightful visual treat for the eyes. The cascade merges into the Chaliyar towards the end. The tourists will have to trek the passage for half an hour in a downhill slope to reach the main pool, where thrilling activities such as swimming, bathing, and other recreational activities happen some times. Visitors will also get to see tea plantations, rocky cliffs, and lush forest while heading towards the waterfall's main pool, where the chances of seeing a tiger are also quite high. On the waterfall stretch, there are several guesthouses and home stays which give a spectacular view of the mountains. Soochipara Falls is the newest adventure craze since it provides an excellent base for trekking and rock climbing. Although the water flow is strongest in the summer, the ideal time to catch the sunset through your lens is perhaps the winter, when the water flow is not as strong. Don't miss out on the tree-top hut's spectacular view of the Alps.

Meppadi – Alluring Tea Estates

If you want to avoid the more crowded destinations in Kerala while still admiring the beauty of tea plantations, Meppadi is a must-see. It's a little town in the Wayanad area that makes a great alternative to Munnar's tea estates. This little town spells sheer virgin beauty of the lands, all equipped to make your weekend unforgettable thanks to its pleasant temperature and virgin beauty of the unexplored lands. You may also visit the other vegetable gardens to get a taste of rural living. Meppadi is roughly 40 kilometres from Wayanad's town center and 23 kilometres from Kalpetta.  You may plan a night stay at Rippon Heritage Bungalow which was built spaciously by the Britishers during 1930 with a panoramic vista all around, created in the early colonial style of architecture. Flowers and birds are brought in to accompany you inside the four walls of this bungalow and the guests not only enjoy breathtaking scenery but also exceptional hospitality by the hosts.

Vaduvanchal - Gushing Streams and Waterfalls

Vaduvanchal is a tiny, pretty village flourishing in the lap of Wayanad is known for its deep valleys, lush forests, coffee plantations, and rubber fields. However, wonderful streams and waterfalls may be seen in and near Vaduvanchal. The most beautiful and the largest is the Meenmutty Falls, which falls from a height of around 1000 feet and can be reached by a 2 kilometre forest journey. Each of the three decks of the waterfalls has its own viewing point, and because of its position, it is one of the few natural marvels in the world that can be seen in relative isolation. While the sight of the lush vegetation wipes away all your fatigue, the roaring waves lashing against the rocks calms your senses and you feel at rest. Sunrise Valley Resorts is also a must see and must stay as its set in the middle of a thick forest in close proximity with the Meenmutty waterfalls.

Ambalavayal – Agricultural Hub

The picturesque town of Ambalavayal is another reason to visit Wayanad. It is known for its agricultural activities, has a beautiful climate and calm settings that entice travellers to return time and time again. If you're seeking for a clean, unpolluted spot in Kerala where you can just sit and unwind in the middle of beautiful nature, Ambalavayal should be on your wish list. Even the Wayanad Heritage Museum is worth a visit as it has a vast collection of historical antiquities dating back to the 2nd century, and stroll around the lovely Karapuzha Dam. Another attraction near Ambalavayal that may pique your attention is the Tropical Gene Garden, which offers a butterfly exhibit, lodging, and hiking paths.

Thirunelly - Oldest Vishnu Temple

Despite the fact that Thirunelly Maha Vishnu Temple is well-known among locals as one of the region's oldest temples devoted to Lord Vishnu, yet the natural beauty of the area remains undiscovered. This is 3000-year-old temple located in north Wayanad, at an elevation of roughly 900 meters, in a valley surrounded by mountains and lush woods. This temple is a beautiful example of Kerala temple architectural marvel, with over 30 granite columns and a granite-paved floor. A tile-roofed building surrounds the inner sanctuary, while the Sanctorum is encircled by an open courtyard.  Thirunelly, a charming town surrounded by verdant green hills, has a lot more to offer its visitors besides the temple. It has various tourist centers and is a great mixture of holiness, spirituality, and tranquillity, with hiking locations, camping areas, photography attractions, and other historical places. It is around 52 kilometers away from Kalpetta. The location also has a wide flora and fauna, so you may see various uncommon plant and animal species here.

Pookode Lake - Freshwater Lake

A scenic, freshwater lake with pedal boating and a surrounding walk set against a natural forest setting. One of the most intriguing characteristics of this lake is that it looks to be shaped like India's geographical map. This freshwater lake, which is the starting site of the Panamaram stream in Kerala, has gorgeous perfection and a mesmerising ambience. The lake provides a variety of activities, including boating, as well as a freshwater aquarium, a children's park, and a shopping center where visitors can stock up on high-quality spices and handicrafts. Another major draw of Pookode Lake is the abundance of wild animals and birds that can be seen all around it.

How to Reach Wayanad

The nearest airport to Wayanad is Calicut International Airport, which is 65 kilometers away. It's a good idea to order your cab online before you arrive as the cabs at the airport frequently charge extra. Flights like Delhi to Calicut, Mumbai to Calicut, Chandigarh to Calicut, Kolkata to Calicut are available.

Best Time to Visit in Wayanad - The Misty Monsoons

Even though monsoons may not be the perfect time yet if you are someone who loves the rain and how refreshing a place becomes post the pour, then Wayanad is the ideal place to visit during the monsoon! The morning greets you with frost and haze, the fresh earth is enticing, and the beauty the land exudes during the monsoon season is something to see.

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