Malana Village : The Mysterious Village Of India

Malana is an old settlement in the Kullu Valley's north-east corner also known as the village of Taboos. This lonesome community is cut off from the rest of the world in the Malana Nala, a side valley of the Parvati Valley and is located at an elevation of approx 1000 feet above sea level. Surrounded by nature's bounty this place is the ideal spot for a vacation from the routine of daily life, as it’s an outlet for having a good time away from the frantic crowds of the metropolis.

Malana - Hash Capital of the World

Malana is known worldwide for its hash, which is derived from the Cannabis plant that travels the world, and is also the Malanese's major source of revenue. The hash also known as the Malana's crème has a storied history in stoner culture across the world. It has received the Best Hashish award twice at the High Times magazine's Cannabis Cup, in 1994 and 1996. Marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world have since made this place a famous weed-tourist destination, dubbed as "Malana and the Magic Valley" in travel and Ganja-hunting records and writings.  They come all the way from across the globe to taste this Hash.

It was just a matter of time until farmers realised the worldwide capability of their plants, and the cops would use every means at their disposal to keep them from growing output. Satellite technology is the most powerful instrument in the authorities' armoury, but the farmers have devised a workaround. Since the mid-1990s, hundreds of visitors have gone missing in the valley; many have been found dead, while others have never been found which makes it risky to visit the valley minus a proper local guide. The mysterious deaths are indicative of conspiracy theories owing to the rampant drug trade.

Malana - Oldest Settlement of History

 Malana has a history that dates back to the Jamlu rishi (sage) who lived here and established laws and regulations. It is one of the world's oldest democracies, with a well-functioning parliamentary system. The Locals of Malana consider Jamlu rishi, to be their guiding deity till today. The village of Malana is regarded as one of the world's earliest democracies. If you visit this town of Taboos, it is recommended that you do not touch any of the Malanese people's walls or goods, since you will be fined if you do. Malana's unique language, 'Kanashi,' is unlike any of the dialects spoken in its adjacent villages, and it is also regarded one of the village's secrets, which outsiders from other villages are not permitted to use. According to legend, the people of Malana are descended from Aryans, and they won their freedom during the Mughal rule when Emperor Akbar walked to the village to cure an ailment he was suffering from, and after being effectively cured, he issued an order declaring that no one in the valley would ever have to pay tax. Malana, according to another legend, was built by survivors of Alexander the Great's army.

Culture & Traditions of Malana

Malanis are proud of their culture, traditions, and religious beliefs and are often resistant to change, even though signs of modernism may be seen. Non-Malani people are condescended in Malana, and are therefore so untouchable for Malanis.

Travellers to Malana town must take special care to stay on the designated routes and avoid touching any of the town's walls, homes, or residents. If this happens, visitors are obliged to pay a ransom to cover the sacrificial murder of a lamb to cleanse the thing that has become unclean.

Malani individuals can come into contact with unclean persons or households only when they do the necessary purification rite before entering their home or eating. Malanis must never take food made by a non-Malani person. Malanis may serve food to visitors, but all utensils must first through a thorough purifying rite. Once you reach the Malana.

People here have an odd custom for resolving their problems. Police are not permitted to enter the community, and residents settle their differences in an unusual and cruel manner. Each of the conflicting sides brings a lamb of their own. Both lambs get a severe incision in their forelegs, and poison is injected into the wound. The lawsuit is won by the side whose lamb dies first.

Wild animal hunting is prohibited without the authorization of the town council. It is also forbidden to burn wood. Nail-fixing on trees is also prohibited as a means to respect nature.

It is also banned to visit temples. This limitation might be in place to protect their secret practices.

If you're going to photograph locals, it's important to get their permission before doing that as they don’t appreciate outsiders clicking them.

Visitors are not permitted to speak Kanashi language which is the native dialect.

Festivals in Malana

Besides the Hashish or ‘Malana cream’, Malana is also famous for its two festivals namely The Fagli festival and the Malana Shaun Festival.

Fagli is also referred to as the Harlala mask dance that takes place in February. The peasants take a dip in the bitter cold during this event and some of them also wear masks and execute a ritual dance to fend off evil.  Malana Shaun Festival-  also known as Shaun Jach Festival is held on the 15th of August every year when people conduct their traditional dance, Nati, and deliver their freshly harvested crops to the deity as a gift on this day.

Best Time to Visit in Malana

Summer months (May to July) or post-monsoon months are the finest times to visit Malana village (September to November). The valley, on the other hand, is beautiful at any time of year. Avoid winters as the road connectivity is quite poor.

How to Reach in Malana

Nearest airport is Bhuntar (Kullu ) Airport which is about 34kms from the place. You can also take flights from Delhi to Bhuntar or Kulu to reach Malana  From the Airport, direct private cabs are available to MalanaAlternatively, you can take a bus directly from Kasol market and later change a bus which will take you till Jari. (Buses ply from Kasol in every few minutes) Jari. Jari will give you the options of hiring taxis that will take you till Malana

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