A Complete Guide to The Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

The Kingdom of Dreams is India's first live entertainment, leisure, and theatre park that opened its doors in 2010. It is one of the most illustrious sites to visit in the Millenial city of Gurgaon. Owned by the Great Indian Nautanki Company, this spectacular attraction is built over an enormous stretch of six acres of land. The Kingdom houses the ‘The Culture Gallery’ which is a museum showcasing India's diverse culture, arts & crafts, and cuisine. Additionally, The Showcase Theatre or the Nautanki Mahal that showcases the greatest of Indian mythological shows, as well as a talent circus and a model wedding show is also located inside the premises. It conducts a number of theatrical and musical performances that are both entertaining and educational. As you go into the Kingdom of Dreams, you will be greeted in a realm of enchanting dreaminess and an astonishing exhibition of art. The spectacular architecture and bustling ambiance makes for a captivating and revitalising sight. The entire place is a testimony to the technological developments and will take you through a memorable trip full of awe and wonder.

The venue hosts a number of musical concerts, carnivals, and theatrical productions that draw audiences from all over the country. Many celebrities of the Hindi Film Industry are also associated with this enchanting institution with the legendary actor, super star Shah Rukh Khan himself being its Brand ambassador. Thus, if you happen to be in Gurgaon, keep this celebrated site on your bucket list, as experiencing its vibrant ambience and thrilling events will be a memory that will last you a lifetime.

Highlights of Kingdom Of Dreams

Let us take you through a virtual tour of the place which is a must see once you are in Gurgaon.


This is a spectacular musical performance created by the famed director and lyricist Javed Akhtar, and the enchanting music has been brilliantly produced by none other than Shankar, Ehsan, and Loy. As a fantasy story, this excellent portrayal will transport you to the fictitious kingdom of Shaktishali, where you will witness Zangoora's transformation from a gypsy kid to a prince. This musical presentation will captivate your children's attention and keep them glued to the screen with deep eagerness and astonishment.


Jhumroo is a live musical composition based on the timeless melodies of famous musician Kishore Kumar, produced by Witchcraft International Entertainment and Raghbeer Group. The experience is intriguing as the old music comes alive with unprecedented technology to provide you with a memorable evening. Jhumroo is a beloved escape for elderly audience as the musical voyage transports them to golden times of yesteryears besides amusing them with a dose of humour off and on.

Nautanki Mahal

Nautanki Mahal offers an unparalleled fantastic cinematic experience. A thrilling on-stage spectacle, together with the charm of Indian cinema is enhanced at this huge theatre. Styled to seem like a beautiful palace, the auditorium has a seating capacity of 864 guests and hosts various national and international films here. This spectacular themed theatre was designed specifically to give an excellent selection of live entertainment, including screenings in several languages. Two performances take place here on a regular basis in the afternoons and evenings, one is the thrilling narrative of Zangoora and the second is the musical comedy-Jhumroo. The Maharaja Lounge, located inside the Nautanki Mahal provides the guests an outstanding selection of scrumptious appetisers and delicious beverages at intervals. Once you enter the Nautanki Mahal, a delightful extravaganza of performances awaits you.

Showshaa Theatre

The famous Showshaa Theatre is a covered pavilion with a soaring tent that can seat 350-guests. Several theatrical plays are held here, including ones based on Indian mythology.

The Culture Gully

The Culture Gully as the name suggests is an exquisitely designed, air-conditioned indoor avenue where diverse cultures of India blend to form a dynamic and thriving cultural hub. Fourteen state pavilions welcome you to their diverse and rich traditions respectively with a plethora of spectacular goodies that will lure you to indulge in shopping. It is one of the primary attractions of the location, where you can sample a variety of art, craft, live performances, and cuisines beneath a dazzling ceiling. You can pick up some unique handicrafts, ornaments, or mementos from here at moderate prices. You will also find magnificent home decors and ethnic jewellery at the Crafts Village. The enticing discounts will enable you to have an exciting shopping experience.

The Culture Gully is surrounded by themed restaurants, cafés, and kiosks, with the aroma of delicious snacks and coffee floating in the air. A range of multiple cuisines including Lebanese, Chinese and Indian come together to tickle your taste buds. Furthermore, the place also showcases fascinating folk dance performances and other cultural events that exhibit the rich variations of India.

The IIFA Buzz Lounge located on the first floor of Culture Gully deserves a special mention because of its unique ambience. A Bollywood-themed resto-bar with film related artefacts, the IIFA Awards trophy, movie ensembles, and pictures on display, the place has a unique charm for movie enthusiasts. Other restaurants in the vicinity with lip smacking cuisines include Red Pepper, The China Village, Pind Balluchi.

Best Time to Visit

Throughout the year, the Kingdom of Dreams provides an intriguing array of activities but the perfect time to visit the place is between it is usually ideal for travellers to visit October to March, depending on whether you like to be pleasant or cold. Weekdays are not as crowded as weekends so you will be able to enjoy at leisure during weekdays.

How to Reach

Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi) is the nearest airport to Gurgaon. You can take a cab from there to the venue which stands at a distance of approximately 14kms.

Cheap flights are available from Mumbai to Delhi, Chandigarh to Delhi, Jaipur to Delhi, Kolkata to Delhi, Hyderabad to Delhi, Chennai to Delhi.

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