List of Beaches in Alibaug

Alibaug is a seaside town in Maharashtra's Raigad district and is widely renowned for its magnificent beaches and old forts. It is a favourite weekend retreat from Mumbai due to its proximity to the city. Alibaug is easily accessible from Mumbai by road, train, and ferry. Just offshore, lies the 17th century Kolaba Fort that features sculptures of tigers and elephants, as well as shrines devoted to Hindu gods. Towards the south lies the Portuguese-built Korlai Fort which comprises a lighthouse that belongs to 1521. Janjira's island fort boasts lofty walls, turrets, and cannons. Since beach tourism is big here, 

Best Beaches in Alibaug

Travolook has compiled a list of the best beaches in Alibaug for its audience.

Alibaug Beach

It is one of Alibaug's most popular family beaches. The azure waters in front with the countryside covered in green foliage and scattered with coconut palms in rear combine to create a stunning mix. A short boat journey from the shore will take you to the remains of the Kolaba Fort. Experience the fort as a silent witness to mediaeval battle and architecture. Once upon a time, this fort was also the headquarters of the Maratha Army. You may also go nearby to see the Ganpati Temple, a 400-year-old relic. Aside from the natural beauty and historical significance of this location, the pristine beach inspires veneration among its visitors.

Nagaon Beach

This is perhaps one of Alibaug's most beautiful family beaches. It is spotless and uncluttered, with only the turquoise sea, waves, and immaculate white sand sweeping the horizon. The pristine beach and unspoiled shoreline make this one of the prettiest beaches for those who enjoy spending time alone on the seashore absorbing the views and sounds of the deep blue sea. This beach's sunset location provides a lovely view of the evening sun. Owing to its proximity to other beaches such as Akshi Beach, the area is inhabited with a lot of people around. You may participate in a variety of fun activities as well as aquatic sports here. Near the beach, there are betel nut and coconut farms, which add to the sense of tranquil communities living by the sea, far away from the hustle and bustle of buzzing towns.

Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach is located in the northernmost part of the Konkan Plateau, approximately 30 kilometres from Alibaug. Visitors to this beach are astounded by the kaleidoscope of colours that they witness. The deep blue waters of the sea, the thick green canopy on the beach, the white sand stretching to the rocky hills on both the sides and the attractive silvery droplets coming from the sea all combine to form a magnificent combination. Since the beach has not witnessed a spike in visitors and therefore managed to retain its natural beauty. The clumps of casuarina trees that encircle the rocky landscape in the distance add to the charm. On weekends, there is a lot of foot traffic on the beach.

Murud Beach

The sight of the water crashing into sheets of white waves on Murud Beach's craggy and rocky coastline might cause you to hold your breath for a few moments for its heavenly, pure, and serene ambience. It is also a good viewpoint for sailing to the Janjira Fort, an amazing fort surrounded by sea. It is not only the brilliance of the coastline around Murud Beach that draws visitors, but also the appeal of this magnificent island fort of Janjira, which evokes an interest for mediaeval architecture. This calm and quiet haven with an excellent view of the sea, adorned by the rock-solid Janjira Fort and setting sun, is a tourist's paradise.

Rewas Beach

Being a distinctive arch-shaped beach, Rewas is less crowded than other family beaches in Alibaug. It has consistently lovely weather all year round, which makes it one of the greatest family beaches in Alibaug. There are various hotels along the seashore in Alibaug. You can participate in enjoyable activities or simply relax with family or friends. There is a jetty between Rewas Beach and Alibaug Beach that provides a beautiful view of Navi Mumbai's black sand Uran Beach. The beach is largely known for the boat service that runs from here to Mumbai. Besides Mandwa Jetty, visitors also use another jetty to reach Mumbai. The best part is that you can also bring your bike on the boat and have a thrilling bike ride down the coast of some of India's greatest coastal beaches.

Kashim Beach

The fact that a section of the Alibaug shoreline is considerably off the beaten path the area has remained mostly untouched and therefore Kashim Beach has been able to retain part of its virginal beauty and old-world magic. It is an ideal beach for individuals who enjoy spending time alone with nature. The sea's lengthy coastline appears to reach all the way to the horizon here. The sand on the beach has not seen many visitors and hence has a forlorn and quiet appearance. It is a great retreat for eclectic spirits who enjoy exploring alone and finding serenity in nature. It may also be a good family beach if you want to spend time with your family or friends.

Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach, located in Alibaug's Raigarh district, also serves as a naval facility for the Indian Navy. Owing to its natural beauty, the beach is a popular tourist attraction. The extensive shoreline is peppered with rocky outcroppings. When the saltwater hits these portions, it splits the wave into many layers, which makes for a beautiful sight on a moonlight night. The casuarina trees along the coast create an idyllic backdrop.  You also have the option of indulging in enjoyable activities such as parasailing, banana boat rides, water jets, and so on. This beach entices visitors with a plethora of adrenaline-pumping activities as well as natural riches.

Korlai Beach

One of the most popular and important family beaches, blessed with natural abundance lies on a lonely stretch of a lesser-known hamlet near Alibaug's Korlai Village. The sea beach here offers a calm shoreline with a distinct mix of white and black sands. The village of Korlai, which is near to the beach, is home to a large number of Portuguese-speaking residents, a reminder of the Portuguese occupancy of this area. These people, however, are not of Portuguese lineage; they are the original residents of this country. Among the sights to view is the Korlai Fort, which is positioned within the sea. Tourists can access the fort through a bridge that connects the shore to the fort. Tourists can access the fort through a bridge that connects the shore to the fort. A physical link between the beach and the settlement is also provided by a strip of land that runs through Korlai Village. The fort was erected by the Portuguese, and at the fort's gate is an etching in Portuguese that translates to "no admission without war." In the fort, there are seven doors. It also has a church, a temple, and a well for sweet water supplies, all of which are now defunct. A lighthouse still stands there and is used as part of the route. Korlai Beach is, in fact, one of the few beaches in Alibaug that provides a unique blend of ancient antiquities, charming scenic beauty, and sunset spots.

Mandwa Beach

You just can’t miss visiting  Mandwa Beach or else a trip to the beaches of Alibaug is incomplete The view of the hilltop with a green canopy just beyond the beach on one side and the great expanse of blue ocean on the other side draws visitors like nothing else. Because of the ferry connection from Mumbai and Mandawa Port, it’s one of the most easily accessible beaches of Alibaug. Despite its popularity, it is a tranquil beach where tired city residents come to spend some time alone in nature. The white beach, the enticing shade of palm palms, and the charm of the hills clothed in green entice visitors from all around. The neighboring community has its own distinct charm. Aside from the beach, there are a number of mango, banana, and coconut farms along the waterfront.

Akshi Beach

This might be one of the cleanest, least cluttered, and most attractive beaches in Alibaug. Akshi Beach is an isolated beach located between Alibaug and Nagaon. It has not yet witnessed a significant inflow of tourists and is primarily occupied by locals. This also brings in an advantage of being able to experience the vibrant life of the inhabitants beside the water. On the beach, there are various beach villas and homestays where you can enjoy the clean beauty of the beach and the surrounding natural nook. Waking up to the sound of the wind flowing through the trees and seagulls right on the beach can transport you into another world of peace and pleasure.

Alibaug's beaches have a wide range of colours, sounds, and activities to offer. There are family beaches, beaches where you may be alone, and beaches where you can participate in some heart-pumping and entertaining activities. If you haven't seen the Alibaug beaches, you're missing out on a large portion of India's beaches. Get set going. Alibaug's lovely beaches are calling.

How to Reach Alibaug: 

You can take a flight to Mumbai International  Airport. Mandwa beach is well accessible by direct Maharashtra State Transport MSRTC buses from Mumbai and even cabs are available for the journey. The most common and convenient method to go to Alibaug is via boat from Mumbai. Mandwa has the nearest jetty with frequent ferry services from the Gateway of Mumbai. ferry takes an hour to reach there and speedboat takes around 20 minutes

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