7 Popular Tourist Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

If you have ever heard or been to Himachal, you know that it is the universe’s gift to the people of India and a magical place waiting to be discovered by tourists from all walks of life. To say that it is beautiful is an understatement, the snow peak mountains muffled by clouds, the beautiful roads that almost look too good to be real, the valleys and hills that seem like it’s been taken right out of a fairytale, and the people; who greet you with the warmest smile on their faces. This is truly a place blessed by the gods.

And wait! It gets better. Because nestled away in the crevices of this heaven on earth are some of the most spell binding towns and regions which combined together form the dazzling Himachal Pradesh. These towns are so delightful and exquisite in their own unique ways and getting a chance to explore them with your loved ones or your friends will be a trip worth remembering throughout your life. 

So if you are curious to get a glimpse of an idea about what awaits you in Himachal, you may take a look at this list.

1. Hamirpur

This grand valley is famous for its delectable mangoes and rich pine forests that surround it almost like a cocoon. The valley is harmonious, calm and peaceful which makes it perfect to escape to from the daily turmoil of metropolitan life. Also if you are a trekking enthusiast, this is the place to be as the hilly slopes provide a good resource for early morning treks. It is accessible via air, rail and cars or buses. So pack those bags and head on over to this. 

2. Manali

Ok, you might think Manali is overrated, but you can’t blame anyone for mentioning it when you ask them about Himachal Pradesh. It is talked about a lot because it truly is a remarkable place to be or to visit. Who wouldn’t be amazed by the view of the Himalayan ranges, the scenic hills, the food and also all the adventure sport it has in store? So do not think twice and pack something warm depending on the month you are planning to visit and get your skiing skills ready because you will need it.

3. Kullu

Often associated while mentioning Manali, Kullu is a peaceful town that you pass by while on your way to Manali. This quaint little place will take you on a journey through its wondrous valleys, the River Beas, apple orchards, and adrenaline-pumping activities like paragliding, river rafting, trekking etc. It is amusing to think that a small little town tucked away in the region of Himachal has so much to give to its visitors in terms of scenic beauty, hospitality and historical sites. Give this place a chance to mesmerize and elevate your senses.

4. Mcleodganj

This hill station near Dharamshala is a very popular destination for those looking for the perfect place to trek. This place is well known for its exquisite Tibetan cuisine; after a long day of trekking go ahead and order a plate of their dumpling; it will erase all your tiredness and fatigue away. And just like any other region of Himachal, it caters to a lot of adventurous sports but if that is not your cup of tea there are many other places too that are ideal for a quiet day of the picnic.

5. Tirthan Valley

The valley gets its name from the Tirthan Valley which has its origin from the icy glacial springs of Hanskund Peak. This valley is famous for its pristine water that sparkles like gemstones, the sheer beauty of the river Tirthan is enough to enthrall you into a state of trance. You can let your mind get lost in the pretty alpine meadows, coniferous trees, beautiful waterfalls, and scenic villages. It is ideal for trekking, camping, river crossing and mountain biking.

6. Chamba

This is a very spiritual destination as it serves as a host to many pilgrims due to its many religious sites. It also attracts a lot of nature lovers all year round because of its many pristine lakes, shimmering streams and meadows, alpine trees, valleys, and also a bountiful number of wildlife. There are also many temples, and architectural landmarks that mirror its medieval past and stories. Just being here will cleanse your mind and your soul therefore it is a destination worth visiting at least once in your life.

7. Spiti Valley

One of the most sought-after places in Himachal, Spiti Valley derives its name from the fact that it is nestled between the Himalayas and Tibet ( Spiti means ‘middle land’). This cold desert valley is enveloped by beautiful and colorful monasteries and temples, green lush meadows, pine trees and quirky tiny villages. If you seek for serenity with a little bit of adventure this is the place to be. Due to its location, the temperature remains cold throughout but if you want to visit it when the weather is not so harsh, the months between May to October are the perfect months to visit.

So there you have it, some of the best places to be in the state of Himachal Pradesh. These towns, villages, and valleys are worth your money. The accommodations are affordable, the journey won’t cost you much and the food is to die for. So do consider these destinations while planning your next trip.

Note: Update yourself on the Covid-19 regulations of each of these places before heading out so that you do not see yourself cancelling your plans last minute.

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