Should I Book Air Travel Insurance for a Safe Journey?

There’s nothing greater than life and health and the last two waves of Corona Pandemic has driven this fact home all the more. Travel is inevitable in almost everyone’s lives, whether it is owing to a business trip, work or a vacation. So how can we safeguard ourselves against any mishap when we travel abroad? This is where it becomes mandatory to apply for travel insurance. So what is Air Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance provides you with insurance coverage against sudden, unheralded situations including medical emergencies, flight accident, lost baggage, and change of schedule, cancelled trip or any other losses arising while travelling. There are different kinds of travel insurance plans which cover all types of unforeseen risks.

Depending upon which one you choose to buy, the cost of the policy varies from 4-12% of the entire trip cost. The benefits offered to vary accordingly.

Go through the reasons listed below to know why Travolook gives you ample reasons to book for air travel insurance while booking a flight ticket online.

1. Medical Protection

The first and foremost is the medical cushion which is of utmost importance when you are in a different country. The cost of medical treatment is much more expensive abroad so it becomes immensely important to invest in a decent travel insurance policy which can take care of all your medical risks there. The right Health insurance cover protects you not only from minor health ailments but also extends benefits in case of crucial life threatening conditions like contracting a disease or in cases of accidents too. There is assistance available of a dedicated team of professionals at your beck and call round the clock.

There is also a benefit of Air ambulance under health insurance provides the facility for the air ambulance. Whether the person is sick or injured, it helps you get evacuated from the spot and transferred to the nearest hospital in case of both, domestic as well as international emergency. The process is fuss free for the insured traveller.

2. Financial Emergencies

In the process of boarding or during travelling across any of the foreign cities abroad, one is likely to lose important belongings like wallet, debit/credit cards/ phone to make online payment transactions. In such cases air travel insurance comes to your rescue to take charge of any financial exigencies to avoid any inconvenience during your travel.

3. Loss of Baggage/Passport

As per statistics, 47% of baggage loss happens during international transfers. Either the baggage can get lost en route, or it can even get stolen from the airport luggage carousel. It could even fall off accidentally during loading without catching anyone’s eye. Imagine something like that happening with you in a place where you have no resources, contacts or help to turn to. Even if you happen to be the most experienced traveller, such a situation is bound to create panic and confusion. In case of permanent loss of luggage under travel insurance baggage coverage clause, the reimbursement to the insured traveller is as per the value of the policy limit for the cost of lost luggage and the belongings inside. On the other hand if it is a temporary loss of luggage, the insured traveller is reimbursed for the purchase of immediate essential personal items till the baggage arrives. The airline does pay for the lost baggage but only once it is confirmed to be as a permanent loss. The process can take very long depending on weeks to months but insurance does that for you instantly, sometimes including the replacement of the bag itself.

sIn case you lose your passport, policy will also cover the expenses to get another one issued. Besides the compensation amount you will also get help from the assistance company for connecting you with the right authorities to help you w ith the required paper work. So much worth it!

4. Unforeseen Delays

In case there are trip delays due to bad weather, a missed flight connection or hotel reservation gone wasted, travel insurance plans provide financial assistance to cover such losses. Some companies even offer compensation for visa fee in case it is rejected.

5. Coverage for Personal Liability

In case one unfortunately gets into a third party damage, where the insured traveller will have to bear the expenses , just come to think of how difficult it would become to pay from one’s own pocket. You will thank your travel insurance company in this case that would cover your personal liabilities as well.

6. Trip Intervention

Once you take off for your planned journey and emergency strikes midway or due to some reason you have to cut short your trip and return earlier than the original plane air travel insurance would solve that problem too. It would cover for your expenses for the return journey home along with all extra transportation charges to be paid to reach the original destination in the event of delay.

7. Air Solvency

The insurance policy sometimes also provides you to be covered under the risk of airline declaring bankruptcy. You are paid to buy an equal amount for replacement flight to fly back home.

8. Cancellation Refund

You also have the advantage of cancelling the policy in case you cancel your trip plans due emergency at home or work. In that case your premium would be refunded to you at a nominal fee depending on as the terms and conditions laid by the insurance company. Mostly the cancellation request is considered after two weeks of commencement of the policy.

You ought to remember that a travel insurance policy is always an investment not just an expense. It’s for your own good and safety. Guard yourself against all odds overseas and avoid any insecurity and inconvenience due to unforeseen reasons. There are no long queues or any kind of difficult procedures to apply for these policies or in raising claims and getting the compensation money. It can be done online within minutes.

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