Which is the Cheapest Flight, Direct or Connecting?

In this day and age travelling has become a big part of our lives; it may be for our own pleasure or for work. Nonetheless, it has impacted us in ways that we cannot describe. And one of the fastest and most essential ways of travelling is travel through flight. It is so because it is faster; it is a lot more convenient and it is less stressful as compared to travel via trains and buses or cars.

And although, flights are more convenient, it can prove to be a little confusing because it does not work the way we want it to or the way we think it’s supposed to work. In fact, there are two types of flight; one is direct flight and the other is a connecting flight. And although both are related to flying, there is a difference in terms of price and time.

For instance, when it comes to a Direct Flight it means that the passengers do not have to change planes to get to their destination and also they have only one flight number. People often mistake direct flights with non-stop flights but these two are different in a lot of ways. In a non- stop flight, the plan makes a stop en route to the final destination to refuel and pick up or drop off passengers. In direct flights, your boarding pass and flight number remains the same until the final destination is reached.

On the other hand, a connecting flight means you fly from city to city with a layover or stop in between to change planes. Here the passengers have separate boarding pass. This kind of flight reaches its final destination by making stops in multiple cities and flights. It will be best if you choose the same airlines while taking a connecting flight as it is more convenient for transfer of baggage and it also saves you time while interchanging airlines.

And if you are wondering if you might be able to get a better price by choosing one instead of the other, you are right. There is a difference in fares between these two types of flight and some of you might be aware of this. But for those who aren’t, the following information might clarify it for you.

There is a difference in price between a direct and a connecting flight. Passengers may not realize this but while travelling by flight but in most cases, the difference it’s a lot. And these differences will come in handy for people who travel for a living and for business. So in this case you will often find that connecting flights are a lot cheaper than direct flights. While comparing fares a connecting flight will have a fare that is cheaper by around 10-20% as compared to a non-stop or direct flight.

Connecting flights are significantly cheaper than Direct flights, it may not be always but usually it is.

The pros of taking a connecting flight include cheaper rates, also, sitting in a plane can be really tiring, so connecting flights give you the chance to unwind in a different city, you get to chill at a restaurant or go around explore the airport or the city if the layover exceeds 3-4 hours. Connecting fights can also give you time to complete pending work or assignments. Sometimes the layover may exceed more than 5hours as a result of weather conditions or if they have to look into the condition of the flight.

Also regarding your luggage, it will be checked through to the final stop or your final destination. After arriving at the airport all you need to do is just get to the designated gate and wait for your flight to arrive. But in the case of booking different flights in a connecting one, you have to claim your baggage after you land and go through security check along with your luggage. So this is why is advisable and also recommended to book a connecting flight with the same airline as it has been proven to be more convenient for the passenger.

So for those who are travelling almost all year round, if you are looking for cheap flight tickets and want to make the most out of your travelling experience make sure to choose a connecting flight. It is easy on your pockets, you get time to relax and unwind, and you get to complete pending work using the airport wifi and also catch up on the city’s lifestyle and do some exploration.

At the end of the day choosing between direct flights and a connecting flight is all up to you depending on how early you want to get to your destination, but if you are looking for a budget travel, connecting flights are the way to go.

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