Flight Ticket Booking Tips to Save Money

While planning a vacation or work trip the first and foremost concern is the cost of the flight especially if you are flying abroad. Anyone would like to save money on flight tickets which end up costing a major part of your trip’s budget. Travolook understands that and brings to you the following tips to save money on flight tickets –domestic or international.

1. Early Bird Catches the Worm

As soon as you plan the trip make sure to book the ticket as early as possible because as the date approaches the rates of the tickets to shoot up about three weeks earlier than the date of departure. A timely booking always ensures cheaper rates. If you are pretty sure about your departure schedule, you will stand to benefit if you book much earlier when the rates are lower.

2. Be Flexible With Dates

The rate of the air tickets fluctuates frequently and it is advisable to keep your dates a little flexible around the planned date. 3 days up or down. That will not disturb your schedule much and also give you cheaper options to choose the tickets with lower airfares.

3. Compare Travel Portals for Cheapest Rates

You must search on all leading travel portals and compare the rates being offered for the desired destination. They analyze and help you compare and choose the cheapest offered rates ou can choose to book straight. The best part is they also send daily alert notifications if there are any reductions in the fares of flights on your preferred destination.

4. Check Out Budget Airlines

Budget airlines are those economical airlines that keep their fares lower than luxury competitors. They offer fewer comforts at lower rates as the focus is on minimising operating costs by removing services like beverages, food, luggage fee etc. You don’t really have anything much to lose as the flying experience they provide is just as good. The tickets are priced reasonably.

5. Use the Incognito Search Mode

Whenever you log in to check the ticket rates, remember to do so on the private browsing /incognito mode. The destinations and flights that are searched frequently are kept as a record by these portals through cookies. This results in increasing the rates of the tickets seeing the high demand on specific destinations and routes. So it’s important to keep your searches on a restricted mode.

6. Choose the Cheapest Days and Destinations

When you are in the course of planning your vacation or flight schedule it’s always good to do a random check beforehand on multiple flight search engines to identify the days on which the flights are cheaper and the destinations which are more affordable to select in terms of air fare. There is no set golden rule as in some places the airfare is cheaper on weekdays and in some cases its cheaper on weekends – depending upon the traffic of demand. So in case you have an open approach towards selection of destination, you can have more pocket friendly air fares. It will be useful to sign-up for low air fare alert where you will be notified if the route ticket price falls.

7. Off-season Bookings

The smartest and surest way to ensure a cheap flight ticket is during the lean period when the tourist traffic is much lower than peak seasons. If case lower airfares are your top priority then it isn’t always necessary to plan your vacation around the best time to visit You will get a good deal if you are willing to compromise on the travelling season as the airlines hike up their airfares during the most popular season.

8. Opt for Non-Refundable Tickets

Non refundable tickets are always priced lower by most airlines because the airlines do not incur losses there. So in cases where you are absolutely certain about the travelling dates and do not intend to cancel the ticket even remotely, you can book non-refundable tickets to avail maximum benefit.

9. Frequent Flyer Programs

An airline rewards programs helps in case you fly abroad often. This requires you to enroll with one particular airline for membership card whereby you keep earning flying points that get added to your account as you continue to fly with them for all the destinations. You can redeem these points and avail great discounts and sometimes even get to fly for free depending on your accumulated points!

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