Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying

It's quite normal to sometimes feel hungry before taking a flight, even if you had an appetising meal before leaving for the airport. Most of the travellers all over the world have been found indulging in short quick meals or snacks while they have plenty of time on their hands waiting for their flight. Moreover, falling for the tempting varieties of food supplied by the attractive food stores at the airport is quite a natural instinct for anyone.  But watch out! You might spoil your flight as well as your whole day if you succumb to these temptations. If you want to have a good start to your trip, stay away from certain meals because they will only trouble you.

List of Foods to Avoid Before Flights

Listed below are a few things that you should completely abstain from eating before you take the flight.

1. Apples

Even though apples are known to be a healthy fruit and might sound like a healthy snack, eating them before a flight is not a good idea. This is because apples and other fibrous fruits are difficult to digest and can cause gas and bloating and will end up giving you discomfort. Apples are best saved for last.

2. Fried Food

Who wouldn't be tempted to mouth some delicious French fries since it’s the easiest thing to munch on leisurely while waiting at the airport. But let’s not forget it’s one of the most difficult foods to digest. For that matter any fried food before a flight is a strict no- no as they are loaded with fats and oils, which can induce heartburn, and can cause fluid retention due to their heavy salt content. Plus our bodies' ability to metabolise high-fat fried food deteriorates at an altitude, resulting in bloating and discomfort.

3. Heavy and Spicy Food

We Indians are serious foodies, and our cuisine is naturally rich in spices, oil, and other components that are high on calories and make digestion a difficult task. Additionally, avoid the hot sauce, adding more spices to garnish any dish and of course pickles if you don’t want to be embarrassed with stomach discomfort. Prepare to have a bad flight if you can't resist that heavy and delicious chicken biryani or the paranthas at the airport.

4. Fast Food

Yummy fast food snacks like b burgers and pizzas could be fun with family while watching a movie at home huddled up on your sofa or you could gorge them on a birthday or office party with friends or colleagues but to eat any of those before a flight could just turn the opposite –a fun buster for your digestion. In addition to the low pressure air of the plane, the high sodium and saturated fat can further obstruct blood flow, exposing you to a greater risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) system. Burgers with any filling can end up ruining your day feeling all heavy in the stomach and uncomfortable. Just skip the fast food snacks at the terminal.

5. Soft Drinks

When you're sitting for long periods of time at an airport, it's normal to crave for something to drink. Water, no matter how bland it tastes, should be consumed at all times. You'll have gas and heartburn as soon as you drink that can of Coke. You should not only avoid them before travelling but also not choose to have them when the drinks trolley comes to check with you during the flight. Remember that due to the excessive humidity on the aircraft air pressure is really low and that can worsen feelings of exhaustion and dehydration. So in short, there’s nothing as good as water.

6. Alcohol

You could be drawn to the airport's well stocked runway-facing bars and sipping on your liquor while looking out of the enormous glass windows at the planes could be a relaxing thing to do but don’t fall for that temptation for alcohol is notorious for producing nausea, headaches, and of course hangover. If you end up drinking too much alcohol, then even water will not help on the flight.

7. Chewing Gum

Many people use chewing gum to protect their ears from the bursting pressure while taking off and landing. If you are one of them, it's important to remember that prolonged chewing allows more air into your body, resulting in bloating and formation of gas. And in case you like gum just to freshen up your breath then mint is certainly a better option. Chuck the chewing gum.

8. Legumes and Beans

Beans are known for causing gas upon consumption and because of the pressurised aeroplane cabins, it only tends to get worse, causing the gas in your body to expand on greater heights. It adversely affects the digestive system and is among the list of completely avoidable foods before taking the flight.

9. Coffee

Many of us rely on coffee to pull through the day. And it's quite natural for you to catch a cup of coffee from one of the cafes at the airport, or even order one while during the flight. However, coffee dehydrates the body and when it adds up together with dry air in the plane, it causes headaches and nausea. Not only that, caffeine can also cause disruption of your flight nap causing uneasiness.

10. Broccoli and Coniferous Vegetables

A plate full of salad may seem like the best option before boarding a flight but raw and leafy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower can cause flatulence in the sky, so instead choose something lighter like asparagus or a side salad.

Since your favourite options seem to be not on the before the flight, and you are left wondering what to eat, we suggest you choose health over taste especially when you have to fly. You should always remember to eat small meals which are easy on digestion. You can definitely eat things like yogurt, nut butter, dry fruits, lean protein or veggie sandwiches, Sugar-free lemonades, citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, sweet lime and refreshing salads with carrots, cucumbers, spring onions and low-fat smoothies.

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