Guide and Tips for Flying Internationally Alone

Study the Destination Well

A visa may be required in addition to your passport, depending on the place you've chosen. Because the procedure may take some time, do your studies, submit your application on schedule, and double-check that you're ready before your travel. You may also need to convert money and have cash on hand. However, you don't need to exchange too much. This will not be necessary in other countries because you will be able to use your cards or ATMs

Double Check Your List

Always remember to check your itinerary twice as well as the airport where your flight is supposed to land. Since airports are usually located outside the city center, you should always look into transfer alternatives from there. Websites for airports and a basic online search can provide all the assistance you need this you might even wish to buy coach or train tickets beforehand. If you reach late public transport may not be available so you will have to arrange a cab in case someone is not already coming to pick you up. Check your accommodation or group tour reservation while you're at it. Ensure you have checked your phone plan and internet roaming. Although many airports provide free Wi-Fi, you should still double-check ahead of time because being 'disconnected' can make you feel a little disconcerted.

Reservation of a Certain Seat

Just remember to book your seat as preference and as soon as possible for you may not get one of your choice later. If you want to stretch your legs and have quick access to the restroom, take the aisle. Window seats, on the other hand, provide spectacular views.

Passport and Boarding Pass

The paperwork is generally a source of anxiety for first-time flyers. Keep in mind that your passport or identification card is the most vital document you have. It should be current in status (at least three months before it expires when you have to take an international flight.


If you've bought your flight ticket online, don't wait for a printed ticket to arrive in the mail. Your confirmation email will include all important information. Once at the airport, you may either print your e-ticket or display it on your smartphone screen at the check-in desk.

Get Yourself Travel Insurance

Book your travel insurance before the holiday.  Print it and read it thoroughly before you go on travel; Make a list of emergency phone numbers and have it handy for ready reference just in case any such situation arises.

Luggage Tips

You are allowed to carry hand baggage and hold baggage. Hand luggage can be carried with you inside the plane, it can be a backpack or duffle and you should try to keep it light with things of immediate use. It can be stored in the overhead compartment above or beneath the seat in front of you. Also, check with your airline about the size limits as there is no thumb rule. During international journeys, you can check in a luggage with extra belongings is the checked baggage (which is labelled) that travels in the plane's bottom and therefore called the Hold Baggage. Once you reach the destination airport. You pick it up at a carousel. Check your airline's weight restrictions carefully or else you may end up paying more if your baggage exceeds the weight limit which amounts to a lot extra. Using a bright coloured suitcase is usually helpful against the regular black ones as the identification is much easier even from a distance. It saves time at the carousel. 

Try to Do an Online Check-in

Going through the airport is significantly easier and quicker with online check-in. This way you can avoid standing in queues to get your boarding pass and your luggage tagged. Printing from home and proceed through security as soon as you arrive at the airport is the most advisable, more so due to the post pandemic norms

Reach Early

Since you are flying alone to another country alone for the first time make sure to reach the airport at about three hours earlier than the flight departure timings in order to avoid rush and panic.

Airport Security Check

Get ready to scan. Check the restrictions of your departure nation about drinks, medications, sharp objects, electrical goods, computers, and other items before leaving. Although passing through security is a cumbersome procedure, it is a crucial step in assuring your safety on the travel, so plan ahead and be cool. Do not be worried in case your luggage is delayed. Keep in mind that this is only a standard safety measure. Maintain your composure, explain the situation to the TSA, and move on

Put your watch, wallet, paperwork, and boarding pass inside your cabin bag. Many travellers carry a pocketbook in their cabin bag that has their basics. This simple method results in less fussing, fewer misplaced items, and a quicker security procedure. Coins and keys will beep at the metal detectors, so remember to empty your pockets.

Keep an empty water bottle handy as you would need to fill it up from time to time inside the airport at various outlets once you are through with the security check. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated during a long international journey.

Reorganize your belongings when you've completed the scanning procedure. Remember that you'll need your identification and boarding permit to board the airline once more. The next step is to locate your gate. Check the displays for your flight number and destination.

Covid Precautions

Throughout the procedures make sure to maintain social distancing, wear masks and use hand sanitizers frequently to ensure your own safety and everyone else’s too.


Once you are inside the aircraft you can look for your seat and get settled there. There are flight attendants at board to attend to all your queries and doubts.  When travelling through foreign airports stay cool, observe the regulations, prepare yourself, and ask for help if you need it - now go enjoy your vacation!

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