How will Covid-19 Change the Travel?

Covid-19 has proven that humans are too small in front of nature. In order to be safe and protect against novel coronavirus we are maintaining physical distance from others. No going outside unless we have something urgent.

Here a question arises how will covid -19 change the travel. So, let's see the impact of coronavirus on travel.

Impact of Covid-19 on Travel

Within six months 82% of travelers have changed their travel plans due to covid pandemic. Some people cancel their plans and some adjust them.

Let's see the ratio of travelers who cancel or adjust their plan due to pandemic scenarios.

  • 50% of people cancel their travel plan completely.
  • Approx. 45% of people have reduced their travel plans.
  • 22 % of travelers move to driving instead of flying.
  • Only 11% of people change their dometic trip from International.

Usually, people travel as far as they can when they feel comfortable but due to covid-19, people are reducing their travel plan.

Avoiding long distance travel and planning short duration trips.

When Air Travel is Only Option

Every traveler will have to follow the covid guideline even if they are traveling domestically or internationally. Let’s see how travel will not be the same as before.

You Need More Than Carrying a Passport

Whether you are traveling with a domestic or international passport is not sufficient for traveling. You must have a RT-PCR negative test report or certificate of final vaccination. Download the arogya setu app on your mobile phone and update the health data on it. Update your health status on Air Suvidha Portal if you are traveling in India. Many countries are not taking risk of screening at the border, so that entrance can be refused if you will not have a certificate of vaccination or better immunity.

Traveling will be Unpredictable & Expensive

As we see, people are driving instead of flying. Using private vehicles instead of public transport. Traveling will be expensive and unpredictable. Due to covid pandemic only those people are traveling who cannot avoid it.

It can cause an increase in ticket prices. Anytime traveling can be suspended due to lockdown.

Mask and Sanitizer will be Essential Part of Bag

There was a time when people used to pack their favourite dress & snacks in bags. But nowadays the most essential things are masks and sanitizer. You cannot forget to wear a mask during travel and use sanitizer frequently.

If you are traveling via a flight then you must wear a face shield and gloves.

It is Time to Worry if You are Sick

Earlier than covid pandemic cold and cough were not a big issue. But now if you are sneezing during travel, other travelers will not like you. Even if you are recovered from covid-19 or have good immunity, sick travelers are not welcome by others.

Air Purifier is New Normal

At the airport or in an airbus how clean air is the question for travelers during onboarding. Airlines are sending emails to their customers “that they have cleanest air” so that they will cancel their air ticket.

Those days will come soon when travelers will ask for the cleanest air instead of cheap flights.

Domestic Travelers are the Hope for Tourist Industry

Domestic travel will recover soon after the pandemic situation. International travel will take a long time to recover from the impact of covid pandemic. For the travel industry domestic travelers are the last hope to manage their economy.

If you are traveling via a flight then you must wear a face shield and gloves.

You will not Ignore Travel Insurance Policy

While online flight booking, nowadays most of the travelers will tick the little box of insurance policy.

Some people also select travel protection features so that they can get a refund without paying cancellation charges. During this pandemic it is not sure when you can travel, it can be possible that you will have to cancel the flight ticket or your trip.

You just read how covid pandemic has changed our lifestyle. Nothing is going to be the same as before. We must adjust ourselves with these new normal things.

This covid pandemic has changed everything in our life. Whether it is travel or shopping. We are not living our life freely as we were used to. The third wave of Covid-19 has proven more dangerous than earlier two waves. So it is advisable to avoid unnecessary movement. You should only travel when there is no other option or unless it is too important.

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