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Flights to Nottingham

Also, known as the land of robinhood- Nottingham is one of the finest city in England.  With its dynamic history and diverse culture, Nottingham is worth a visit.  There are live events going on and the city is always buzzing with festivals.

Nottinghamshire Tourist Attractions

Old Market Square

It is one of the oldest and largest spaces in England. Many visitors come tour this place. On the east side of the square is the Neoclassical Council House, delegated by a commanding vault, and the noteworthy Guildhall is additionally close by. While walking around the city's notable focus, make sure to go to the Nottingham Playhouse for a glance at the amazing Sky Mirror.

The lace market

As the name suggests, it is a huge lace market. Galleries of justice museum are one thing that you don't want to miss here. There are various other places like Nottingham Contemporary, an art gallery, and the National Ice Centre, country's largest ice rink. There are many eateries and displays that you can admire in the lace market.

Nottingham Castle

Surrounded with beautiful view of the city and a bronze statue of Robin hood, Nottingham is full diverse in its royalty. There is a castle museum and an art gallery that you can visit. It tells you about the castle and the city. You should also visit, the Museum of Nottingham Life at Brewhouse Yard, only a couple of yards away, is an accumulation of seventeenth century cabins lodging depicts the historical backdrop of the general population of Nottingham.

The City Of Caves

Many caves exist in the sandstone underneath Nottingham, including the terrific 322-foot-long Mortimer's Hole straightforwardly beneath the stronghold. Some portion of the superb City of Caves is the specific arrangement which takes its name from Roger Mortimer, admirer of Queen Isabella, spouse of Edward II (legend has it Mortimer once concealed here from the desirous ruler). Altogether, in excess of 450 caverns lie underneath Nottingham, the biggest known gathering of caves of the nation, and have been utilized for quite a long time for storage and defense.

Highfields Park

It is 52 acre ground with plush trees and amazing view of nature. Festivals keep happening here. Children can play in the play area. It is a perfect place for relaxation and even better if you want to have a picnic.

Best Time to Visit

Most suited months of visiting Nottinghamshire is from April to August. The climate is neither too hot nor too cold, it’s perfect for vacationing.

At Travolook, you can book you air tickets and visit to Nottinghamshire. With such a diverse culture, tourism attractions and fun activities to enjoy for all age group, Nottinghamshire never fails to enthrall visitors with its amusing tourism features. So pack your bags and fly to Nottinghamshire for an amazing experience.

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