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Flights to Portsmouth

Portsmouth as the name suggests, it’s a huge port in England. It’s a historic dockyard. Portsmouth gets its significance to the wonderful normal harbor, which since the times of the Spanish Armada, has filled in as the central base of the Royal Navy.

Portsmouth Tourist Attractions

HMS victory

If you are visiting Portsmouth, HMS is a must visit. You will know the history of Lord Nelson. It an interesting place to explore. Small distance to the north of the arrival arrange for ships to the Isle of Wight, guests can discover the portal to the old docks and the site of Lord Nelson's well known lead. Then you can visit the Royal Naval Museum, where you'll discover various things identifying with Nelson and seafaring in the eighteenth century.

Maryrose museum

Being a historical place, Portsmouth has one of the best museums for you to explore. The acclaimed Mary Rose, some part of Henry VIII's armada, is a ship of extraordinary intrigue. This four-deck vessel with its 91 bronze guns was worked in 1509 and expanded to 700 tons in 1536. In 1545, amid an ocean fight against the French, it sank only a mile and a quarter from its homeport in the Solent.

Portsmouth Cathedral

It is one of the oldest churches in England and backs to the date of 1185. The infrastructure is simple and has spiritual vibes to it. The transepts date from Norman occasions, while the choir is in the late style of Sir Christopher Wren. A feature is the south side path of the choir, committed to the Royal Navy and including tributes of the Mary Rose and Nelson's HMS Victory.

Royal Navy Submarine museum

Portsmouth is full of museums and especially museums based on navies. It is located across the water of Portsmouth. It has various historical things like Britain's first submarine which was launched in 1901. There is also a mini submarine which depicts the era of World War 2, an italian torpedo, and some weapons used under sea. Basically the whole museum shows you everything that happens inside the water. Very few places have this kind of museums; no one can get bored after watching this interesting museum.

Round and square towers

The towers are like watchmen for Portsmouth harbor, they guard the port. In past, the square tower was resided by military governors. Round tower has now been converted for exhibiting various events. Though they are not the same, but they have great historical importance.

Best time to Visit

The months of January, February, March and November are perfect for visiting Portsmouth. Other months, it is usually warm or rainy. Enjoy the flight to Portsmouth and have a great experience.

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