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Flights to Toronto

Toronto the largest metropolis in Canada is a multicultural city that offers something for every visitors coming here. The city is situated on a plateau and is surrounded by rivers, forests and more of all, endowed with interesting tourism attractions that never fails to entertain every single visitors planning for holiday or trip to Toronto. From world class museums to great shopping malls the vibrant city Toronto is dotted with modern sky-scrappers. Visit and explore the magnetic appeal of Toronto by booking online flights to Toronto from Travolook, a leading air ticketing company. The most trusted web portal for online air ticketing, Travolook offers exclusive discounts and season offer while booking online flights to Toronto.

Toronto Tourist Attractions

CN Tower

CN Tower in Toronto has a height of 553 meters and can be seen from any part of the city. The visitors can just look at the tower from down to top and also visit nearby places. The tower was built between 1972 and 1976. At that time it was the tallest tower but now many other towers have been built whose height is more than CN tower.

Royal Ontario Museum

The museum is also known as ROM and has an international reputation. The museum has a collection of many things from history. It also conducts and hosts exhibitions from all parts of the world.

Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre is a sports arena located next to CN tower. The building has a sliding roof which helps to open the center when the weather is favorable. The building was constructed to compete the Olympic stadium constructed in Montreal. Many kinds of sports can be played in the arena and thousands of audience can come and view the sports. Mainly football and baseball are played here. Along with sports, the center is also booked for rock and pop concerts.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma was constructed by Sir Henry Pellatt. The building has 100 rooms and three dozen bathrooms. The building has many other things like an 800-foot tunnel, suites, towers and many other things.

Toronto Zoo

Toronto zoo is very big and consists of animals of many species. The zoo is situated on Red River. The main attraction of the zoo is a panda. There are several sections in the zoo that belongs to various regions of the world.

St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence market is very popular in Toronto as it has many vendors selling various types of food items. The market is also used for movie and TV serials shooting.

Toronto is gifted with many other tourism attractions and thus planning a visit would give an experience one would love to treasure for lifetime. So, next time when you plan a visit to Toronto, check our website to find the best deals on air ticket to Toronto. With online booking from Travolook, get additional discounts, complimentary as well as offers that would help you save big while you fly to the friendly sky of Toronto.

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